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Bahir Verse 118

We continue the idea started by the appearance of the King's fountain in an earlier verse of the flow of spirit-energy through thought-ideation into the realized evidence produced by the demonstration of form.

118. Yod is the Ten Sayings with which the world was created. What are they? They are the Torah of Truth, which includes all worlds. What is the Shin ? He said: It is the root of the tree. The letter Shin is like the root of a tree.

Commentary: Yod is the number ten through which are derived the ten sephiroth of the passing of ideation into structure. The Torah of Truth refers to those lightning flashes of inspiration that connect us with the whole of creation where all worlds are entered into and uncovered.

The Shin is the creative force as in the rising of the kundalini energy in the spine of the body. The root of the tree or the mulahadra chakra in Eastern myticism is where the life force emanates from. Shin does appear to be shaped like the root of a tree with three branches reminding us of the center, left and right columns of the Sephiroth. The letter Shin is engraved on both sides of the head tefillin. On the right side, the shin possesses three heads, while on the left side it possesses four heads. The three-headed shin is the shin of this world while the four- headed shin is the shin of the World to Come. The slowly burning coal possesses the inner flame of Shin which when blown upon produces the flame. One of the meanings of the word Shin is change. The coal signifies changelessness while the inner flame is the change with this eternal fire. There at the root of the tree all the changes are inner in nature building themselves into the outer forms which emerge each spring. As mentioned before this flame inside the coal or contained at potential in the root of the tree continuously comes forth to guide our way into this world. All things are born of the eternal yet all emerge as new. This seeming paradox is at the heart of creation where the essence of a thing remains the same through constant transformations. So it is true of the tree of life that sends it fruit forward into our world and into the next while remaining the same all the while.

Pack up your troubles get happy

It is important to be one step ahead of yourself at all times. In order to go beyond the usual expectations you must be prepared beforehand. What you are trying to cultivate is the suggestion of what comes next even before the thought of its appearance occurs in your mind. Impossible? Of course not. Have you ever been white water rafting or flown into the eye of a hurricane? How about riding a bicycle where the corner suddenly comes up and you find yourself turning without thinking? The key to all of this is anticipation. With the proper anticipation anything is possible. Where does anticipation begin? It begins with confidence. Nothing will lead you further in life than the certainty that you are going to get there. Your mind can be continually raised to higher levels of communication. The Elysian Fields are where the sweet nectar of ambrosia, anticipation may be partaken of with ease.

You cannot rise or fly upwards to these heights without leaving your doubts behind. Leave your acrimony, your hesitation, your recriminations, your projections, your ego, and leave most of all your bad feelings about another. All of these doubts are outer forms of the embodiment of your resistance to letting go of your negative thoughts and emotions.

The next stop is where you get off. It is your happiness that surrounds in the town called Ever Soaring Flying Freedom. Things happen fast here. It would be difficult to keep up with such a frenetic pace if it weren't for your acquired skills in anticipation. Without thinking you are led into the realm of your hearts desire. You move naturally as the world around you fills with the appointments of your most cherished dreams coming true. How can this be so? Why is this so?

Here it is. Happiness is not a static condition. It evolves moment by moment. What this means is that it actually increases as our capacity to enjoy it expands. The phrase 'enough is never enough' applies here. The concept of an ever increasing happiness may seem to be momentarily beyond our comprehension but it can never be beyond our reach. Here is why.

Before you can move into the awareness of joy you have to set your sights upon the station of joy. You have to realize that the concept of joy is just like any other bit of knowledge that you want to make your own. If you start with this presumption every step that follows from this is a part of your learning curve. If you think you know joy then think again. There is always more that you can discover about joy to make it your own. Some may say I'll be happy if I get published, have ten million dollars, have great health or if I am in a fulfilling relationship or have a brand new car. Turn around this kind of quid pro quo to read; I'll be happy and all of these things will be added to me. It is truly remarkable that an idea will open so much for you in your life. As this idea of increasing happiness begins to take hold you will notice the world around you changing. At first the surface areas of your life will improve. After a while there will be deeper insights and more profound changes that will astound you with the improvement in your overall well being.

Get Happy by Harold Arlen

Pack up your troubles and just get happy
Ya better chase all your cares away
Sing Hallelujah, c'mon get happy
Get ready for the judgment day


Thanks for the correction. Someone let me know that I was in error on an earlier post.

On my post on Zohar Vayikra 14:26 I mistakenly attributed the commentary for the Kabbalah Centre Zohar edition to the Ari. I apologize for this error. The commentary for the Zohar KC edition is by the Ba'al HaSulam (Yehuda Ashlag) I hope this did not cause any confusion.

I have since edited this post to reflect this information.

I appreciate everyones comments and do encourage more.

Mark Siet

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Some more reflections on the Vayikra section of the Zohar

Some more reflections on the Vayikra section of the Zohar

55. Rabbi Aba introduced the following psalm: "A song, A psalm for the sons of Korah" (Tehilim 48:1). This hymn transcends all other psalms of hymns the sons of Korah merited to praise Him. It is a double chant being a song and a Psalm, indicating a praise upon a praise, a praise that was divided into two praises.

The veil of praise is revealed in order to show the depth of praise. The way within rises with praise. It is the act of transcendence itself that is being alluded to. As we grow in understanding our appreciation and joy in this process of becoming overflows and leads us into levels of adornment where we put on the garments of wisdom and the appointments of understanding.

56. The sons of Korah merited to sing and recite the praise of the Congregation of Yisrael. What is it? It is in the phrase: "Great is Hashem, and highly praised in the city of our Elohim, in the mountain of His holiness" (Ibid. 2). when is the Holy One, blessed be He, called great? When the Congregation of Yisrael, is with Him, as is written, "in the city of our Elohim," He is great. together with the city of Elohim

The greatness of praise is contemplated once there is the intention to continue reaching up for that which is supernal. Great is Hashem when the entire focus of all thought is in the direction of connection. Now for the substitution of symbols. First. The city of our Elohim. Elohim is the creative force Bereshith Bara Ha Elohim. It is the mystical point of connection where the gathering of the Elohim or the Creative Forces await send out their reflections continuously. The Congregation of Israel is the demonstration of form that takes place via the energy that flows from the Elohim or the Creative forces. Remember the fountain of the King discussed previously. Once the gates are opened the flowing of these forces depends solely upon your own choices in terms of what you are going to spend your time thinking about. How will you then channel these creative forces? This is the question which wakes up a mundane consciousness and turns it into an elevated consciousness. When consciousness is elevated it mirrors the Elohim and both perform at peak efficiency. Both are great in that new opportunities for both expression and invention continuously revolve one within the other. Through this experience of praise the building blocks of our awareness are not only strengthened they are also extended into areas that we've heretofore have not encountered.

Bahir Verse 117

An interesting clue is given as to the nature of man and God.

Bahir Verse 117. Rabbi Yochanan said: What is the meaning of the verse (Exodus 15:3) , "God (YHVH)is a man (Ish) of war, God (YHVH) is His name"? Man (Ish) indicates a sign. The Targum thus renders, "God is a man of war," as "God is the Master of victory in war." What is this Master? Aleph is the first, the Holy Palace. Do we then say that the Palace is holy? Instead we say, "the Palace of the Holy One."

Commentary: Ish is spelled Aleph Yud Shin. Yud between Air and Fire. The key given is Master which is the Yud or the God force raised by the in breath of holiness and the descending and ascending fire of Kundalini or serpent force. Inside of the Palace or Aleph is contained the Yud with the fire of creation radiating all around. This is in microcosm the state of man in this universe. The victory that is mastered here is the victory of changing our minds to harmonize with the Yud in the center of our consciousness. This Yud remains dormant until either called upon or recognized by our attention to the life force that is our connection via Yud to all of holiness. When we reach for our hearts desire this holiness is activated and the gates of the fountain are opened to release the impressions of holiness transforming every day into a holy day that bears the image and likeness of Yud and through Yud our own image and likeness according to the focus of our intention.

Look at the letters Yud, Hey, Vav, Hey all in a row, It looks like a man (Head, arms, etc). This shows us that within ourselves we may find the letters of the name. Creation comes from the name and we are created in the image and likeness of the name. In this way everything inside of us is a reflection of creation and ours is the next move in creation's plan.

Zohar Vayikra 14:26

This comes from the Kabbalah Centres English Translation of the Zohar Vol 14, sec 26. The commentary of the Ba'al HaSulam (Yehuda Ashlag) has been taken out to see the text as it was written. In some cases the Ari's commentary is elucidating but in this case I thought having the verse itself would be clearer.

26. "And Hashem called to Moses, and spoke to him out of the Tent of Meeting saying" (Vayikra 1:1). Rabbi Chiya opened the discussion with the verse: "I came to my garden, my sister, my bride. I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk" (Shir Hashirim 5:1). The beginning of the verse disagrees with its ending and its ending with its beginning. It says, "I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk" and following this "Eat, O dear ones" (Ibid.). One who invites others does so when the food is set before him. However, once he has eaten, how can he invite another?

Here is the beginning of connection. This precedes the detailed instructions for the sacrifices which are to be made. It is in this connection that we will consider the greater meanings that the sparks of Zohar and Kabbalah are providing us. It is odd that these descriptions appear just prior to the elements of the temple sacrifices. In general sacrifices are those thoughts we need to let go in order to assure our connection and continue up the ladder of increasing understanding. The question that is asked leads us into discovering its inner meaning. On the surface, 'once he has eaten, how can he invite another?,' is confusing but consider this. When you learn something new and take it into your very being it is only then that you can share your discovery. While you are being filled with understanding is not the time to share your knowledge for you are still taking it in. Only when there is the acceptance of this wisdom can you make it your own to the point of being able now to share then what is truly yours.

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Two Enochs are better than one

Genesis 4:17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bore Enoch; and he builded a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch.

First there is Enoch born directly from Cain. The line continues through Lamech who apparently also is to be cursed for killing a man. In this line of succession we hear nothing about the length of years each descendant lived; only that they were alive from the seed of the other. Then we switch to Adam's direct descendants via Seth who replaces Abel the murdered son.

And Jared lived after he begot Enoch eight hundred years, and begot sons and daughters.
Once again Enoch appears coming from Adam via Seth-Enosh-Kenan-Mahalalel-Jared-Enoch.

22 And Enoch walked with God after he begot Methuselah three hundred years, and begot sons and daughters.
This Enoch walks with God and apparently has more children.

23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years.
This is how long Enoch was around. It doesn't say he lived these years but rather he was around all these years and then in the next verse he disappears.
24 And Enoch walked with God, and he was not; for God took him.
He is still walking with God and then is not.
And Methuselah lived a hundred eighty and seven years, and begot Lamech.
Then there is the appearance of another Lamech not from Cain but through Adam like Enoch was.

Undoubtedly there is a lot to consider here. Using the language of symbolism we will substitute these names for concepts and see what shakes out. First there is Cain. Cain is a flawed creation. It is a thought that was conceived in negativity. Yes these thoughts tend to promote themselves as in evidence of the continuing line of Cain or the negative thinking that issues from Cain. Cain brings forth Enoch which is the first result of this negative thinking. Enoch continues through to Lamech where abruptly the line stops and we start in from Adam again. Lamech or Lemech appears this first time and is the bearer of the same kind of evil that Cain brought upon himself. Negative thinking may skip a generation but will always take root given the proper ground in this case Lamech. This is why we attempt to shut off at the root or at Cain the negative thought so that this branch is not populated with the permutations of negative thinking.

Then after a series of permutations through Seth a stronger line is evidenced by the longevity of this series. The deliberate listing of their ages here speaks to the strength of your hearts desire which continues until it reaches the Enoch generation where Enoch walks with God even as he is born. At last we come again to Lamech who leads to Noah and then the rest of the saga is born.

Lets answer some questions first to set the stage for inquiry.
What does it mean that Enoch walked with God? This is telling us that the birth of our hearts desire comes from our connection with God and issues forth first as an idea and then as an idealized form. This idea runs its course and Enoch is no more. The idea however remains in the seed of Enoch and is then expanded now on this level of manifestation represented by the stories in the Torah. The first Enoch born of Cain did not walk with God. There were ideas of course but there wasn't any connection. Remember that the plan is for each image or idea to become whole in the image and likeness of its creator. This speaks about the inspirations that we receive each day that may not be a part of the greater whole or may lead us into areas of experience that are unpleasant. This first Enoch eventually produces through his offspring or the correlates of thought Lamech. This Lamech commits the same sin of murder as Cain and fears punishments several degrees harsher than Cain. The lesson here is to resist the negative thoughts and all that they bring forth into the world. Clearly after many generations the murdering thought still appears via Lamech. This murdering thought is what sabotages our good thoughts causing us to travel on a road leading no where. The trail of this first Enoch and Lamech leads as well to no where as do all negative thoughts taken to their logical extension. Negative thought cannot build and must therefore be consigned forever to oblivion. The hereditary line of Cain stops abruptly and is never spoken of again; an allegory for how we may treat our own negative thinking.

Enoch walks with God which means that Enoch gets it. He looks for the connection and lives within the fold of listening intently for his hearts desire. Enoch so gets it that he is able to be taken up by God. This taking up by God is more of a merging with God; an acceptance in totality of the both initial thought and the realized form. Out of the is merging comes a new vibration incubated by Lamech number two and then revealed in Noah. This is how inspiration flows through us illuminating our hearts and minds and then leading us into others levels of wonderment.

Summary: Two Enochs and two Lamechs. There are no coincidences in the Torah. Yes there are hidden treasures but sometimes the best hiding place is right out in the open. Perhaps you've noticed this double entry in the past or have read a Midrash concerning this. Still today's light as with all illumined entries for Modern Kabbalah leads us into another level of discernment which we can carry through into the ever expanding vistas of blessings and wisdom that prevails where Torah touches our lives.

Bahir Verse 114-115-116

The idea of movement is introduced here and in the next two verses. Lets see where this takes us.

Bahir Verse 114. What is the meaning of the word Shevet [which has the connotation of both a tribe and a rod]? It is something simple and not square. What is the reason? Because it is impossible to have one square inside another square. A circle inside a square can move. A square inside a square cannot move.

The movement that is being spoken of is the movement in mind that occurs when our ideas meet one another. The explanation that is given is that these ideas need to flow or to have movement within them. The study of Torah represented by our meditation on the Bahir most certainly has had the movement of ideas taking us into remarkable realms for contemplation. The comparision of tribe and rod in the same word Shevet shows how an idea can be both a singular supporting structure or contain a number of related thoughts bonded together in the central idea of the tribe or concept that unifies the whole amalgamation of thoughts.

These ideas continue in the next verse and expand internally.

Bahir Verse 115. What are the things that are circular? They are the vowel points in the Torah of Moses, for these are all round. They are to the letters like the soul, which lives in the body of man. It is impossible for [man] to come [into this world] unless [the soul] endures within him. It is impossible for him to speak anything, great or small, without it. In a similar manner, it is impossible to speak a word, great or small, without the vowel points.

We are speaking about the vowel points and of their importance in making words come to life. If we look deeper we can see that what we are talking about are our emotions that color our lives and give substance to the things we hope to see appear in our world in response to our envisioning. To carry the analogy above further our emotions enable us to produce the forms of our hearts desire without which these thoughts remain in their unrealized state. This idea is extended even deeper in the next verse.

Bahir Verse 116. Every vowel point is round, and every letter is square. The vowel points are the life of the letters, and through them, the letters endure. These vowel points come through the pipes to the letters through the fragrance of a sacrifice, which immediately descends. It is therefore called "A descending (pleasant) fragrance to God" ­ indicating that it descends to God. This is the meaning of the verse (Deuteronomy 6:4) , "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One."

Perhaps the deepest meaning of all is indicated here. Our emotions imbue our thoughts with the energy of awakening into the life of our hearts desire. In doing so their unity of expression is assured indicated by this opening verse of the SHMA (Deuteronomy 6:4) , "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One." Listen all that is existent to that which is supreme above all, that which is the maker of all and that which is the becoming of all. Thought through emotion is eternalized in creation. A deep wisdom here that bears much reflection.

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Amazing Kabbalah

I am on a writers group and someone brought up this verse, 'Gen 4:17 'and he builded a house' criticizing the grammar. When I looked up the verse I found the following. Kabbalah is truly amazing leading you besides the still waters into paths of righteousness.
Here is my answer to this group which I share with you.

The word that this 'builded' comes from in Hebrew is bonai or spelled Beth Nun Heh. Using different vowels but containing the same letters plus an additional Yud, the word Binah brings up an entirely different meaning to this verse.
Binah means understanding as derived from the extension of the primal will to good passing through the wisdom of inspiration and then to Binah which is the understanding through which all else flows. I have to thank you for pointing this out here today. Otherwise I would have never considered this meaning as I do now in quite the same way. This verse occurs just before all of the generations are described and it is fitting that it should appear here because when there is once an initial idea it does not come into manifestation until it too goes through cycles of embodiment before reaching its intended form.

The Yud that appears in Binah is the first letter of the tetragrammaton and comes between the Beth and the Nun to symbolize the presence of holiness. It is noticeably lacking here in Bonai because these generations of man represent the descent into form.

I shared this exercise to show how the symbolism speaks to our inner meditation in bringing forth those ideas concerning the deepening wisdom we seek when studying the Bible.

Bahir Verse 113

We have a further explanation of the 12 tribes of Israel. Here once again the idea of the flowing energy of creation is alluded to.

Bahir Verse 113. Rabbi Rahumai sat and expounded: What are the twelve tribes or Israel? But this teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has twelve rods [on high. The word Shevet is the same for both "tribe" and "rod."] What are they? What is this like? A king had a beautiful fountain. All his brothers has no water other than this fountain, and could not endure thirst. What did he do? He made twelve pipes for the fountain, and named them afters his brothers' children. He then said to them, "If the sons are as good as their fathers, they will be worthy, and I will let water flow through the pipes. The fathers will then drink all they wish, and so will the sons. But if the sons are not worthy and do not do what is right in my eyes, then regarding this, these pipes will stand. I will give them water only on the condition that they give none to their children, since they do not obey my will."

Commentary: The flowing water in the fountain that disperses this water in twelve ways. The King is the central force of emanation, the highest depiction of the energy of creation and its controlling force. What is this worthiness that is being questioned as a criteria for the free flowing of the fountain? It is how each of us respond to the inspiration we receive from on high. It is the King's brothers that are first given the outlet for the water and the opportunity for flowing this water through to their children. In this case the water represents the wisdom of the Torah and also the wisdom of being able to let go of our small mind to become immersed in the greater flow of life coming from this fountain. The King is the brother which suggests an equality of station here. Of course the story of Joseph and his brothers come to mind. The King regulates the flow of energy of wisdom through this fountain but there is one very important requirement that says that you have to pay attention and listen otherwise this fountain will not flow for you. Even if it does flow for you it may not be overflowing for your children due to their own unwillingness to listen to this wisdom. The King stops this flow because it isn't being called for by the children. What are these children and who are these brothers? The brothers symbolize like thoughts. These thoughts harmonize with the thoughts of the King represented by the fountain. The King makes openings for those thoughts to flow in response to the devotion of the brothers who are thoughts listening for connection. Connection puts thoughts together with one another so that the conceptual relationships grow stronger and stronger. Why is this necessary? Because we live in a sea of thought that is being produced all around us. These thoughts are like pools or ebb tides and currents that may take here or there. As sailors in the ocean of thought we prefer to chart our course to travel along the ways that are provided by the fountain that pours forth from the King. As we grow more adept at remaining inside of the currents of the fountains waters we are able to dismiss the negative energy that is also seeking a connection but of a lower form of cohesion that is easily transparent and all too ready and prone to dissolution.

Once again who is this King? He is the pinnacle of our Intention and what rules over this Intention. If you have a hearts desire to live in Florida everything about this thought would proclaim itself over your life. You wouldn't for example move from Michigan to Maine if you wanted to go to Florida. You would however move south towards your intended destination. When you follow in the direction of your intention the waters of the fountain remain unblocked permitting passage along these waterways until you reach your goal.

Understanding the Bible's dark passages

Think about when you've had an idea and then tried to put it into words. The initial inspiration, lets call it Genesis. Time passes, stuff happens and you begin to stray from the one,the center of your inspiration. That is one way to look at it.

Look at a child from a broken home where she was abused and otherwise ill treated. Then give her love and an open understanding and with luck she'll come back into an appreciation of herself. The Bible is full of mysteries that reveal themselves much like your life reveals itself when taken into the perspective of your experiences. When you grow old reflection gives new meanings to things that at first defied description.

After Genesis the revelation is dimmed. In Exodus following Jethro the Midian priest's suggestions Moses politicized the entire process by making the hierarchy of the priesthood. Prior to this intervention all of Israel were considered priests. It is out of this turning point that Leviticus follows and with it the reliance of Israel upon the priesthood for their salvation instead their own self reliance and communion that saved them and took them out of Egypt (the land of spiritual darkness) initially.

The same holds true for our lives when we give over the responsibility of our actions to another or in the name of another. Yes I agree there are dark passages but because of that initial light it is possible to see beneath the fabric of human error that runs through the passages you speak of. In addition these passages in their own right actually have deeper meanings revealed by meditation. The Aramaic language was never a literal language. Like Chinese its symbols conveyed meanings that surface language interpretations cannot penetrate.You may not have wanted to know all of this but I thought I would point out both the light and the darkness here. The Bible is not for everyone nor is religion recommended for all. Whatever allows you to feel the happiness of the truth of your being is fine. Sit under a tree, go to the ocean, make love, laugh with a child, eat an apple, go to a ballgame or simply sit quietly and reflect.

Interlude March 28-2006

  • What happens when you listen for your good.?

  • It opens up the door of your awareness so that the light of your good may shine through.
  • What happens when you attenuate the quality of your listening?

  • The depth of your understanding not only increases but you are also able to see more of what you are looking for.
  • What does it mean for you to listen?

  • It means that you have given up the control that the outer world has upon you. It means that you are preparing yourself to receive the awakening of the internal master of form.
  • Work with an end in sight and don't lose sight of this end.


  • Bahir 112

    Previously in verse 111 the 12 letter name of God is discussed. This names is implicit and spoken internally and at certain times of the prayer service. These 12 names are spoken about the twelve tribes. You'll find Commentary in between each instance below.

    112. These are the Explicit Holy Exalted Names. There are twelve Names, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel:
  • Ah-Tzitzah-ron

  • Refers to the glowing preluminescent light of expectation preceding the initiation of thought
  • Aklithah-ron

  • The 360 Degree pathway that opens for the expression of Intention
  • Shemaqtharon

  • The fires of inspiration once kindled shine eternally
  • Demushah-ron
  • An idea takes hold and desire is formed.
  • Ve-Tzaphtzaphithron
  • The thoughts begin to find their counterparts by matching the frequency and inner feeling nature of their expressions.
  • Hurmyron

  • New meanings come forth expanding and raising the level of ideation past the point of projection.
  • Brach Yah-ron

  • The blessing from within, the Lord manifest as supernal imagery
  • Eresh Gadra-aon

  • The canvas upon which all projections are cast.
  • Basavah Monahon
  • Acceptance and the initial presentation of form
  • Chazhavayah

  • All areas now coalesce into the idealized form
  • Havahayryhah
  • The form is revealed as well as a series of instantaneous transformations
  • Ve-Harayth-hon

  • The place of peace is revealed as vibrations match in both feelings and thoughts.

    All of them are included in the Heart of heaven. They include male and female. They are given over to the Axis, the Sphere and the Heart, and they are the wellsprings of Wisdom

    Commentary: The tribes of Israel refer to states of consciousness that we are in. We are either projecting (Male) or accepting (Female) in our aspect in mind. A series of expressions in the form of your daily experiences produce the recognizable events matching your thought forms. The heart of heaven is where your intention derives itself from. Everything is about the energy that you command or are under the influence of. These wellsprings of Wisdom are the reins that drive the forces that come together through the axis of your determination and heart of your feelings. The sum total of all of these ideas results in the sphere of representation under which you stand directing the entire show.

    Monday, March 27, 2006

    The Priestly Blessing

    The Lord bless thee, and keep thee; The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Numbers 6: 24-26

    23 'Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying: On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel; ye shall say unto them:
    24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee;
    25 The LORD make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee;
    26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. {S}
    27 So shall they put My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them.' {S}

    Consider that Aaron and his sons are the higher thoughts that you have been connecting with in your meditations. The children of Israel are all of those thoughts that resonate with your hearts desire. These thoughts have either been produced directly by your internal focus or as a result of any corollary excursions taken in mind as a result of thinking about your hearts desire. What you are aiming for here is making the connection between your higher self and your self projected images of manifestation. It is only through this connection that you may offer demonstration of the forms of your intention. Here is how you may begin.

  • The LORD bless thee, and keep thee.

  • First make the connection by accepting the connection and visualizing it all around you. Sometime the 'keep thee' part is translated as 'protect thee.' You are a tuning fork that is being carefully resonated to the vibration of holiness. In this vibration of holiness all of our worldly thoughts are left behind. We enter into the center of holiness in this way and reside there ready for the next step in this process.
  • The LORD make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee;

  • The purpose of making your connection or at least become conscious of this connection is so that your thoughts and intentions are filled with the inspirations on high. There is always a way something can become accomplished. This way is often times unseen to our time bound eyes and we must therefore rely upon the something else that is all around us. We are asking here that not only are we in the right place so that this connection is established we are also asking to become a vehicle for connection itself in the outworking of the images we have been calling forth. In order to have the Lord's face shine upon thee, your presence is required. This is calling forth the totality of your being there. Then you are asking that since you are there to let the world then conform in its own way to those designs you have set upon it. All of this must be done in such a natural way that it becomes seamless. We are asking for a sympathy with grace or the bonding of our vibration with that of the vibration of grace which is the granting of the visionalized form. This second blessing then is about matching our projected form via the intermediary of the gracious connection we make.
  • The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace

  • Here is the matching of thought with form. It is the image becoming filled with the creative energy of fulfillment. It is our intention realized. The face or countenance of the LORD is none other than your idealized intention becoming filled with the certainty of completion. Only then can there be harmony of relation between thought and substance. Only then can we experience this peace of understanding.
  • So shall they put My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them.

  • This last part seals the deal. Listen. When you shall call yourself by the name of that which you are seeking to bring forth into this world then you shall realize the highest blessing. The Name of the LORD is that which you have placed on high. It is time to reach up for the Name and embody it as you were meant to do. This is the meaning of 'they shall put My name upon the children of Israel." This is speaking to all who would rise up within themselves to give new meaning to themselves via the blessings that are given freely by our own self recognition of their existence.

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Bahir 111

    Very strange indeed is the next verse which mentions the both the 12 letter and the 72 letter name of God.

    Bahir Verse 111. Rabbi Ahilai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse, "God (YHVH) is King, God (YHVH) was king, God (YHVH) will be King forever and ever."? This is the Explicit Name (Shem Ha Mephoresh) , for which permission was given that it be permuted and spoken. It is thus written [regarding the above-mentioned Priestly Blessing] (Numbers 6:27) , "And they shall place My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them." This refers to the Name containing twelve letters. It is the name used in the Priestly Blessing, "May God bless you..." It contains three names [each having four letters] making a total of twelve. Its vowel points are Yapha'al Y'pha'oel Yiph'ol. If one safeguards it and mentions it in holiness, then all his prayers are heard. And not only that, but he is loved on high and below, and immediately answered and helped. This is the Explicit Name that was written on Aaron's forehead. The Explicit Name containing 72 letters and the Explicit Name containing twelve letters were given over by the Blessed Holy One to [the angel] Mesamariah, who stands before the Curtain. He gave it to Elijah on Mount Carmel, and with them he ascended and did not taste death.

    Commentary: The priestly blessing is the source of the three YHVH sequences making up the 12 letter name of God. These verses represent the stages of unfoldment as our intention builds itself into the forms of our hearts desire. These vowels points are not so much the pronunciation of this name but the reminder for our awareness to always be in the act of remembering the connection we have with the name and what this name represents. It is the secret name that cannot be said despite what we read here in this verse and despite the permission we are given to speak this name. God cannot be emcompassed by a name any more than we can describe God using the best descriptions that we have on hand. We are extending however, our awareness of this name into the generations of our perception that makes the unfolding universe appear before us moment by moment. This explicit name refers to our direct focus on our hearts desire. A secret reveal here is that in this priestly blessing there are instructions for raising your awareness to the level of holiness. Perhaps a separate post on the Priestly Blessing is in order now before we continue further with this part of the Bahir.

    Stay tuned.

    The appearance of mind in the midst of the movement of the status quo changes the direction of this flow into the appearance of mind in all its many images of representation. There is an active sending forth that is taking place otherwise there is only a following of form which cannot be altered except by the appearance of mind. This active nature of mind comes about through the self awareness of cause and effect. Because of this knowing in terms of of cause and effect the element of time has to be taken in account. The appearance of mind must be active within the space of an interval that may be built upon where momentum may be built up and progress may be gained. As you are moving with the flow you learn to anticipate the emotions that are a part of this flow. These emotions serve as course corrections guiding your journey into the pathways of intention that you have set your mind upon. Emotion cannot be built up or energized except by the continuation of the resident thought flow combined with your intentional vibrational harmonization.

    See it. Feel it. Know it and then become it. The stages all unfold from 'see it.' While in the middle of your meditation time will then become fluid so that its awareness is no longer linear but spherical in nature. Time appears all around you in such a way that you find yourself immersed in becoming. The miracle of this kind of experience of time may be brought upon you in any moment that you decide to think about the way you want things to be. The body may only become that which has already been prepared for it in the midst of your envisioning through the thought waves you are creating by your persistent intention. Then with this persistence something new is born and may be used as a further springboard for new invention building upon the certainty and success. It become possible because of these efforts you continue to make that your world gradually at first and suddenly dramatically changes into the very thing itself that you have been visualizing in its entirely. Always the feeling nature leads the way followed by the intellectual understanding and then earthing of the image into the embodiment of your life experience.

    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Thoughts About Focus

    All problems arise because of a misdirected focus. Time itself ceases when focus is pinpointed. Focus allows you to approach your direction with confidence; each step that you take on your journey brings you closer because of focus. Imagine the way before you. At first all is darkness and then as you remember your focus the way opens up continuously revealing new vistas. They present themselves in direct response to your thoughts about your focus.

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Movement in Mind

    The Mystery cannot ever ever be defined. Therein lies the basis of Infinity.

    We keep trying to define it by becoming it and then casting if off so that we may become something else that looks a lot like it and so on and so forth.

    It is in the becoming of it that we are to concentrate our efforts. Therefore present your smiling face to it so that it may reflect upon you the smiling circumstances that you are choosing to create in your life. Persist with your vision and continue to give it your undivided attention. Allow other thoughts to pass through you as you concentrate on exactly what it is that you want. Bring your focus back each time it wavers and return gently to the subject of your concentrated gaze.

    It would seem to be possible to open up the way without describing the way. In fact describing the way would in a certain sense limit the way. As we visualize our hearts desire we can remember to keep ourselves open to what is brought forth from these moments of reflection. You can learn to let go of the blockages which come up as a result of past behavior. There is thought and then the center of thought and its periphery. So to there is also that which isn't thought that cannot be spoken except indirectly. You notice that which is not thought by its movement through thought. It is as though thought were pushing something ahead of itself in order to prepare the way for whatever is formed by thought. Could we call this spirit filling up the mold of the thought induced form? Perhaps but still this would be an incomplete description of what is going on. Spirit cannot be touched yet it can be felt from within via the openings that it sends its tendrils of appreciation through. Your response must be one of recognition here so that the next step in the unfolding of form may take place.

    Place your expectation of spirit in front of you. It is the harbinger of your success. Learn to proceed as the moments unfold. Craft or mold your thoughts from the center of your receptivity. Connect within to the greater part of you that which determines the flowing forth of all abundance into realized experience. Feel with the passion of a lover rapt in the attention of his or her beloved. Taste the experience as it is going through you to unfold all around you. Entertain the delicious feelings of connection throughout every part of your being. Experience the tingling sensation. This happens when spirit is moving through you and then unbinds itself into the forms of your making. Instead of spirit call this the creation making force that is invisible yet it fills us with everything good throughout our life. It is this creation making force that goes in front of you even as you are in the middle of your visualizations.

    There is no demonstration without acceptance. From Stevie Wonders Song Always:
    'Did you know that true love asks for nothing. Her acceptance is the way we pay.' The opening of what we are to what we can become is awesome. This opening to reiterate can only be circumscribed by our acceptance. This acceptance removes the blockages built up by time and the status quo. This simply means that if you do not move in mind you will see any results in experience. Movement in mind is allowing your inspiration to come through for you. You make this happen by reaching up for the highest awareness you can think of in the moment. Ideas are not static but need constant revision and the fresh impetus of new angles of approach. Creation is an ongoing thing. This idea of movement takes us into the next area of discovery, emotion.

    Emotion is the movement of thought out into the objective realm of manifestation. It is the impelling force of consciousness as pent up desire builds into a rushing torrent of becoming. What is being called forth from within is the experience of overflowing. Blockages are removed by the force of this expression. Keep on track by remembering your intention and saying an emphatic yes to it during every opportunity that presents itself. Take a moment now to visualize your hearts desire and fill this vision with the emotion of certainty. Say yes with all of your body mind and soul. This is how movement in mind will translate into movement in experience.

    Acceptance and letting go.

    It is this 'letting go' thing that lies at the heart of self. The main concept that we need to let go of is our reactive nature.

    Example: Someone attacks us verbally or we feel angered by the news or a driver cuts us off. The normal reaction is anger and a desire for payback. What we lose sight of in this knee jerk reaction is that these feelings of anger are something that we have to live with. We cannot transfer or project them adequately enough so that they are no longer a part of our psyche. Other reactions are fear, frustration, depression, etc. Why are these reactions? Because we do not stop to think before we are in full swing. What is needed is true conscious action. Yes feel the buttons being pushed but then breathe deeply and remember your center. Remember to take on only that which you want to truly experience. (love your neighbor yada yada) You have to live with your reactions and deal with the emotional turmoil that these reactions cause. It is a more prudent course in my opinion to consider first the consequences of thinking along a certain line of inquiry. Ask yourself how do you want to feel and then let go of the threads of thought that would have been born by your negative reactions. Negative in this sense means anything which takes away from your personal well being.

    This leads us into the subject of this post which is acceptance. We allow the world to move in its own way despite our misgivings because we choose to center our attention on the one world in which we have the utmost interest, our very own microcosm of identity. (Seek ye the kingdom of heaven first yada yada) Look for what is right in your life and give gratitude for that. Accept deeply at the soul level your wonderful appearance in this life and all the good that you represent as a potential to be fulfilled. I keep having the thought that I am moulting this spring; letting go of my negative reactions and preparing myself to accept the new life that is born again in each of us in this season of rebirth, renewal and resurrection. These are timeless feelings wired inside of our DNA. It is a time to be open and appreciate the wonder of life springing up all around us.

    Each moment we are born anew by both the thoughts we think and those we let go of. Let go of the one and be renewed by the other.

    Something wonderful is happening. Pay attention.

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Concentration: The continuing power of focus

    Concentration: The continuing power of focus

    The best example of concentration or at least my favorite occurs when playing music in a band where everyone is listening intently to each other. At a certain point you forget about what you are playing individually and you merge into the consciousness of the band which has become a force of sonic expression. The pulses, beats and melodic phrases all add to the intensity of the moment that is building dramatically all the more so because this is a singular experience. Even if you record this experience it cannot be duplicated or surpassed by the actual feelings you had when you were there. Music then has transformed itself in the primary language of the emotional harmonies that soar from each soul and create this rising spirit of unity. During such times I have been literally carried away in ecstasy all the while playing along in key and in time. Sometimes I have the distinct feeling of having left my body. It is strange yet there isn't anything to fear about this because it happens organically. This is the kind of concentration that you can build within yourself even if you are not playing in a band.

    Start with a thought of what your heart desires and continue not only to think about this at every opportunity but also get yourself mainly into the feeling of what it would be like for the satisfaction of this desire. This satisfaction is even greater to meditate upon than the actual physical imaging of your hearts desire. Out of your feelings will come your demonstrations. Keep those feelings paramount in your thought atmosphere. Do not react to negativity because you will lose your focus. Let go of frustration and every impediment to your continuing power to keep your focus upon your emotions of completion and triumph.

    A young girl walks out on stage to play her very first piano concerto. Her practice sessions have been superb. She is supremely confident. She knows she will succeed and begins to already feel the applause and the satisfaction that comes from living inside of the music. She realizes that despite her fingers actions on the keys themselves that the music truly lives inside of her. As she breathes nuances in the music evoke tears of happiness from her admirers in the audience. A gentleman in the back who will one day become her teacher remarks that for this girl about to become a woman it isn't so much what she plays but it is how she plays that is most remarkable. There is the difference between an accomplished technician and a true artist. The music flows effortlessly from her in waves of emotion as it was meant to do.

    In your meditations flow with the music of your emotions and keep that flow nourished with images of fulfillment. In this way your hearts desire will knock on your door seeking your acceptance. It must be like this and can be no other way.

    Wednesday, March 08, 2006


    I am the one. Consider this meditation. The SHMA unified in YHVH surrounded by all six directions. The ehad, the one ends the first sentence and va'ed (and ever) ends the second sentence. However the secret meaning of va'ed is 'the one' It is secret because of the unity we are always striving for. Remember that when outside forces impinge upon that center and remember ehad or va'ed but most of all SHMA and YHVH which is to listen for the one and be unified in your meditations

    Also YHVH refers to the holiness of your heart's desire. Remember my name (your heart's desire) and keep it holy. In other words return to your center of expectation and fulfillment.

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    The Groove, The Dance, The Elevation of Mind

    Expand the level of concentration beyond the reach of its highest attainments. Get inside of the game and play it for all that it is worth. Use the skills you've acquired over the years and count on them to attract that which you are seeking. Now is not the time for reflection. Push on the goal remains but a glimmer away. Don't stop yourself by taking on the karma of others. Taking on karma in this sense means to take on what others expect out of you and is combined with what they expect from themselves. Your sensitivity has taught you that to do so is a step backward and now more than ever it is time to move on. Move on past your expectations and move into your demonstrations. Feel them underneath you as the earth support you so too does it support the images that are taking form all around you. The energy you feel in terms of humor is the overflowing of substance into form. Remember this when you are laughing or smiling or simply feeling good about yourself. This brings us into the exact center of the heart of the matter. It is where you were destined to be all along. This destiny has acted as a divining rod to steel your intention and hone your meditations. Everything that has come before is now presented as energy before your eyes.

    Groove with these feelings. Rise up to meet them head on. Complete the task you set out to do. See it now as already finished. Feel the rush of success and the joy of fulfillment. Notice what your feeling are in the moment and see them through. Keep saying yes to this upward flow of abundance that issues from your expectation of its arrival not only as a feeling in mind but also plays out in the events you subsequently experience in form.

    Dance a step or two ahead of the status quo. Anticipate the flows. Your partner is the cosmic energy that fuels the mindstuff. The dance floor is limitless in all directions. Flight is also a part of your repetoire of steps. Coreograph your moves following the images of your intention into manifestation. Look around you. The eyes have it. Transform your sight and then awaken to the light that now shines on your hearts desire.

    Contemplate Mind and where it may be found. See the relationships between your feelings and your thoughts. Merge one within the other. As you are doing so direct your inner gaze to that which cannot be touched and then let go inside of this. Feel it move to your attention. Let it expand with your blessing. This is you and yet it is more than you. It is the Elevation of Mind through the conscious awareness of intentional connection. Perhaps you've been here before but briefly. Now you may return and live in this fashion eternally. There is a secret contained within this message that must never be described for how can you describe that which is not and yet is everything.

    What just happened here? Spirit. Soul. Self. God. Something moved. Did you feel it? It is beyond you yet remains an integral part of you. There is something there. Listen there it goes again. Perhaps a feeling of warmth or a rush of emotion precedes it. Always you will find it if you are intentionally looking for it. Guess what. It wants to be found. Doesn't that beat all. People spend their lives searching outside of themselves when all the while it lives within. It is gentle and oh so magnificent. There is only one way to touch this that cannot be named and that is with your mind. With Mind you listen and then project your thoughts inside of it. After your meditation the mistake is to walk away thinking that is all there is to it. No there is much more. Listen for it. Pay attention to it. Encourage it to come forth into your daily actions. Once you call it forth it will by attraction draw others to it in order to experience it in their own way.

    Remember that you can call it forth in every moment. Now is the time to choose to feel and then to reveal its presence in your life. What are you waiting for?

    Bahir Verse 110

    Amazing is verse 110. For any of those who have looked at the seventy-two names of God here is some more mysterious information. Not only is the derivation of the names revealed here but their extension as well.
    Bahir Verse 110. There is a name that is derived from the three verses (Exodus 14:19-21) , "And travelled ... And came ... And stretched..." The letters of the first verse, "And travelled..." are arranged in this name in the order that they are in the verse. The letters of the second verse, "And came ..." are arranged in the name in reverse order. The letters of the third passage, "And stretched..." are arranged in the name in the same order as they occur in the verse, just like the case of the first verse. Each of these verses has 72 letters. Therefore, each of the names that is derived from these three sentences, "And travelled... And came... And stretched..." contains three letters. These are the 72 names. They emanate and divide themselves into three sections, 24 to each section. Over each of these sections is a higher Officer. Each section has four directions to watch, east, west, north and south. The four directions then have a total of 24 forms. [This is true of the first section] as well as the second and the third. All of them are sealed with YHVH , God of Israel, the living God, Shaddai, high and exalted, who dwells in eternity on high, whose Name is holy, YHVH. Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

    Commentary: If you take a look at these verses Ex: 14: 19-21 you will see that each verse contains seventy-two letters. In order to generate each seventy two name perform the following.
    Begin by taking the first letter of the first word in verse 19
    Then take the last letter of the last word in verse 20
    End by taking the 1st letter of the first word in verse 21

    This generates the first name Vav Heh Vav.

    If you continue in this fashion all 72 names will be generated.
    Section one described above containing 24 forms is composed of the first three horizontal lines.
    Strength (Geburah) is the Officer of all the Holy Forms to the left of the Blessed Holy One . He is Gabriel. from Bahir verse 108
    Consider that within this set of 24 names we have the drawing in of power or the formation of the energy of making. Each name here is ascribed to this making, fashioning, forming, intuiting, dreaming, envisioning, etc.

    Section two follows with another three horizontal lines
    In the middle is Truth. This is Uriel, the Officer of all the Holy Forms [in the centre].from Bahir verse 108
    Stasis, the coming together of ideation and certainty. All the forms here describe these kinds of actions.
    Harmony, peace, acceptance, completion, etc.

    and completes itself with the last set of three horizontal lines.
    The Officer of all the Holy Forms to His right is Michael.from Bahir verse 108
    Chesed(Mercy) Overflowing of thought forms throughout the mindsphere
    generosity and abundance, a clear still lake, etc.

    It goes on to explain that each of these three sections has four directions to watch which contain the 24 forms. We could read this as each direction has 24 forms for a total of 96 but then this would complicate matters and would not be central to this discussion. Let's stick with the 24 forms bounded by four directions for each section ruled over by Gabriel, Michael and Uriel respectively.

    Direction indicates the pathways that mind will take in meditation following the inspiration of thought. It is important to note the space in which the meditation is being covered. These seventy two names are meant to broaden your meditative space so that the creations which take place are more easily recognized by the holiness of creation. This holiness of creation is symbolized by the Yud Heh Vav Heh (YHVH) of the holy name. It seals each invention by the recognition of certainty that your thoughts are in fact the forms of your experience. They are eternal representations of the mind of YHVH that is working through you in order to transmit the light of expression. You are also the instrument of this expression which is why you are given desires for something more in the first place.

    Use the following verse as a meditation device to consider the directions your thoughts are going in and how your increased focus may obtain a more immediate result for the efforts you are putting forth. Beyond the meanings are the applications. Remember no thought in mind goes unanswered in form.

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    Surfing USA

    It is here and now and yes this is the place of my becoming. The flow in mind shifts just as a stream will as it then turns or runs into the river. There are currents in mind to be described in this way. They ebb and they flow according to the intensityof both our concentration and our increasing ability to remember the focus that is behind this concentration. When you remember you are able to plan ahead for the changes in tide that cycle through your awareness. The primary focal point is centered directly above the current so that you are in effect skimming the surface. The optimum set point is where your intention meets your ongoing thought flow. There you will find the perfect place to inject your information inside of the mind stuff. This injection is a continuous process. You ride the flow of thought with your intention poised in expectation above the realm of your ongoing thoughts. Keep a soft focus here. A hard edge will cause you to become immersed in the ongoing flow and prevent you from manipulating the directions that your intention produces in its surfing like ride within your primary consciousness.

    Bahir 109

    The whole idea of sacrifice had always been a turn off to me until I realized that what you see on the surface here is not what is given when we read between the lines to the substrata which Kabbalah insists that we penetrate to. Let's see what gives.

    Bahir Verse 109. Why is this sacrifice called a Karban [which means "bringing close"]? Because it brings the Forms of the Holy Powers close. It is thus written (Ezekiel 37:17) , "And you shall join one of them to the other, making one stick, and they shall become one in your hands." And why is [the sacrifice] called a "pleasant fragrance"? Fragrance is only in the nose. The sense of smell is through breath, and this is nowhere but in the nose. "Pleasant" (nicho'ach) means nothing other than "descending." It is thus written (Leviticus 9:22), "And he descended," and the Targum translates this as Ve-Nachit [having the same root as nicho'ach ]. The fragrance-spirit descends and unifies itself with those Holy Forms, bringing itself close through the sacrifice. It is for this reason that [a sacrifice] is called a Karban .

    Commentary: The entire key to this verse is contained in the word Karban as explained which means 'bring close.' What are we brought close to? The answer has to be our connection with the unity of those Holy Forms. The Holy Forms are explained in our explanation of verse 108 and are the idealized thought ideations of your heart's desire. What you are joining together is your thought of who you are with your thought of what you are. Who and what are described in the Zohar, Trumah Verse

    15. The highest level, which is the secret of the highest world, is called 'mi (Eng. 'who')'. The lower level, which is the secret of the lower world, is called 'mah (Eng. 'what')'. We learned Do not pronounce it as 'mah', but rather as 'me'ah (Eng. 'one hundred)'', because all the levels are sublime in perfection here .

    I have removed the commentary between the verses to clarify the point we are making. The highest level is called mi or who and that is where we define ourselves. This self definition can only take place in terms of what we believe in and extending this further it is also what we choose to focus our attention upon. This applies directly to where we go inside of our meditations. This who is the presence that we are making within by identifying it with that which we want to become. The What we are is the result of our reaching on high. It is called above the lower world because there is a downward flowing of inspiration into substance. Notice where it says all levels are sublime in perfection. This is another way of repeating the ancient axiom that 'as above so below.' Yes who we becomes an exact replica of what we are becoming. It is our thoughts which identify the person and provide the reality for self reflection as well as self actualization.

    The sacrifice then becomes one of attention. We sacrifice our attention for one thing for the attention of another thing. This sacrifice is however, merely a moving away in focus and at the same time an attenuation of that same focus. Once we let go of outward influences we can rest easy in mind and fill our thoughts with the abundance of meaning that was meant to be there in the first place. Then flowing out from these meanings we see the pattern again from above to below and then back again.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Behind that very next door...

    Behind that very next door is something amazing. This is what inspiration is all about. It is the expectation of a development in thought that transcends its very nature. Imagine that you are thinking about something or trying to figure out a problem you are having. If you start with the expectation of success it will make your solutions that much more accessible to you. When you cultivate this kind of thinking you live on the very edge of each moment. Ideas begin to appear which otherwise would have remained below the surface of your imagination. This is the beginning of growing your life from the inside out.

    By definition the perfect place to be is more than you could imagine which is why you continue to listen and then fill in the blanks. What about a road that you happen to be travelling on where you've never been before. The map can show you the coordinates of your location but it cannot predict what lies up ahead. Expectation colors your predictions with a predilection for something wonderful which is about to occur. Literally your thought atmosphere colors and proves your life experience. That is why it is important to walk the ways of life in peaceful acceptance and enlightened expectation.

    On the one hand you face a status quo that you are working to change into something else that you've envisioned. On the other hand you are fully ready to step inside of the world that you've been envisioning by listening for the inspiration that will take you there. It truly is a doorway in your mind that you are accessing at all times. Look around you and then center your focus. This focus is something which you've been working on ever since you had the first thought about something that you desired. Imagine this desire to be a palpable energy that you may touch with your feelings in any moment that you choose.

    Here is passage from the Zohar

    Trumah verse 61. It is written: "Evening, and morning, and at noon" (Tehilim 55:18). We have established and learned this passage. These are the daily times of prayer, and the friends remarked about these three times ... evening is the mirror that does not shine, . Morning is the mirror that shines, and noon is the place that is called darkness, and is attached to evening, They stand one with the other.

    The mirror that does not shine is that quality of substance which duplicates or images the energy of our thought forms. Evening is an allusion to the meditative state where images are born within. The morning in this passage is the enlightenment of the image and its appearance into form as in a mirror where the exact but reversed reflection is produced. The reverse of thought is form. The darkness of the afternoon is the gestation period that accompanies or is attached to the meditation process we undergo. In terms of what we have been speaking about the evening is where we first realize that there is indeed a door to be open. Then through meditation we obtain the key to this door or inspiration. Finally as the door opens the morning appears or the enlightenment of our meditation including our expectation and certainty of its arrival into manifestation.

    Practice living in your world from the inside out out and then expect the results of your practice to produce the mirror image of your inner reflection. This is how it all works.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Bahir 108

    Again in this verse 108 we extend the ideas of 24 and 72. They are brought together here to showa key element of this discussion.

    Bahir 108. And who are the Officers? We learned that there are three. Strength (Geburah) is the Officer of all the Holy Forms to the left of the Blessed Holy One . He is Gabriel. The Officer of all the Holy Forms to His right is Michael. In the middle is Truth. This is Uriel, the Officer of all the Holy Forms [in the centre]. Each Officer is over 24 Forms. But there is no reckoning of his troops, as it is written (Job 25:3), "Is there a number to His troops?" But if so, then there are 72 plus 72 [making a total of 144]. He said: This is not the case. For when Israel brings a sacrifice before their Father in heaven, they are united together. This is the unification of our God.

    Commentary: Consider the elements described. The officers, troops, forms and angels. First the angels. We need a definition to work with here. Angels such as Uriel, Gabriel and Michael are the spiritual personifications of those thoughts which have gone beyond our ordinary mode of description. These angels have taken on the aspects of the Tree of Life in order to illustrate how thoughts form themselves into organizations and hierarchies. Think of smoke rising on the wind how it will follow the direction of the wind. This is how thoughts follow the direction of your intention. There is much here to think on. The concept of infinity is introduced to provide you with an idea of the relevance of each thought. Each thought rises on high and is accompanied by these angels of awareness. Each is placed according to its place. This is where the names of God, the 72 would be taking place, however these higher organizations go on literally forever.

    What is this sacrifice that Israel brings and how does it relate to theme being discussed. The sacrifices are always our doubts. They are left behind as the burnt offering to be consumed in the fires of truth that continually burn before the holy one blessed be. Only when we are able to let go of our doubts will our thoughts then rise in the unity of being that is considered in our imaginations as God. This construct that we aspire to is the continuing unity of creation. It is the flow of creation that is paramount and once immersed in this flow our thoughts become prayers which then filter to us below forming the basis for all of our miracles and the deliverance of all our heart desires.

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