Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bahir Verse 113

We have a further explanation of the 12 tribes of Israel. Here once again the idea of the flowing energy of creation is alluded to.

Bahir Verse 113. Rabbi Rahumai sat and expounded: What are the twelve tribes or Israel? But this teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has twelve rods [on high. The word Shevet is the same for both "tribe" and "rod."] What are they? What is this like? A king had a beautiful fountain. All his brothers has no water other than this fountain, and could not endure thirst. What did he do? He made twelve pipes for the fountain, and named them afters his brothers' children. He then said to them, "If the sons are as good as their fathers, they will be worthy, and I will let water flow through the pipes. The fathers will then drink all they wish, and so will the sons. But if the sons are not worthy and do not do what is right in my eyes, then regarding this, these pipes will stand. I will give them water only on the condition that they give none to their children, since they do not obey my will."

Commentary: The flowing water in the fountain that disperses this water in twelve ways. The King is the central force of emanation, the highest depiction of the energy of creation and its controlling force. What is this worthiness that is being questioned as a criteria for the free flowing of the fountain? It is how each of us respond to the inspiration we receive from on high. It is the King's brothers that are first given the outlet for the water and the opportunity for flowing this water through to their children. In this case the water represents the wisdom of the Torah and also the wisdom of being able to let go of our small mind to become immersed in the greater flow of life coming from this fountain. The King is the brother which suggests an equality of station here. Of course the story of Joseph and his brothers come to mind. The King regulates the flow of energy of wisdom through this fountain but there is one very important requirement that says that you have to pay attention and listen otherwise this fountain will not flow for you. Even if it does flow for you it may not be overflowing for your children due to their own unwillingness to listen to this wisdom. The King stops this flow because it isn't being called for by the children. What are these children and who are these brothers? The brothers symbolize like thoughts. These thoughts harmonize with the thoughts of the King represented by the fountain. The King makes openings for those thoughts to flow in response to the devotion of the brothers who are thoughts listening for connection. Connection puts thoughts together with one another so that the conceptual relationships grow stronger and stronger. Why is this necessary? Because we live in a sea of thought that is being produced all around us. These thoughts are like pools or ebb tides and currents that may take here or there. As sailors in the ocean of thought we prefer to chart our course to travel along the ways that are provided by the fountain that pours forth from the King. As we grow more adept at remaining inside of the currents of the fountains waters we are able to dismiss the negative energy that is also seeking a connection but of a lower form of cohesion that is easily transparent and all too ready and prone to dissolution.

Once again who is this King? He is the pinnacle of our Intention and what rules over this Intention. If you have a hearts desire to live in Florida everything about this thought would proclaim itself over your life. You wouldn't for example move from Michigan to Maine if you wanted to go to Florida. You would however move south towards your intended destination. When you follow in the direction of your intention the waters of the fountain remain unblocked permitting passage along these waterways until you reach your goal.


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