Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bahir 112

Previously in verse 111 the 12 letter name of God is discussed. This names is implicit and spoken internally and at certain times of the prayer service. These 12 names are spoken about the twelve tribes. You'll find Commentary in between each instance below.

112. These are the Explicit Holy Exalted Names. There are twelve Names, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel:
  • Ah-Tzitzah-ron

  • Refers to the glowing preluminescent light of expectation preceding the initiation of thought
  • Aklithah-ron

  • The 360 Degree pathway that opens for the expression of Intention
  • Shemaqtharon

  • The fires of inspiration once kindled shine eternally
  • Demushah-ron
  • An idea takes hold and desire is formed.
  • Ve-Tzaphtzaphithron
  • The thoughts begin to find their counterparts by matching the frequency and inner feeling nature of their expressions.
  • Hurmyron

  • New meanings come forth expanding and raising the level of ideation past the point of projection.
  • Brach Yah-ron

  • The blessing from within, the Lord manifest as supernal imagery
  • Eresh Gadra-aon

  • The canvas upon which all projections are cast.
  • Basavah Monahon
  • Acceptance and the initial presentation of form
  • Chazhavayah

  • All areas now coalesce into the idealized form
  • Havahayryhah
  • The form is revealed as well as a series of instantaneous transformations
  • Ve-Harayth-hon

  • The place of peace is revealed as vibrations match in both feelings and thoughts.

    All of them are included in the Heart of heaven. They include male and female. They are given over to the Axis, the Sphere and the Heart, and they are the wellsprings of Wisdom

    Commentary: The tribes of Israel refer to states of consciousness that we are in. We are either projecting (Male) or accepting (Female) in our aspect in mind. A series of expressions in the form of your daily experiences produce the recognizable events matching your thought forms. The heart of heaven is where your intention derives itself from. Everything is about the energy that you command or are under the influence of. These wellsprings of Wisdom are the reins that drive the forces that come together through the axis of your determination and heart of your feelings. The sum total of all of these ideas results in the sphere of representation under which you stand directing the entire show.


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