Friday, March 31, 2006

Pack up your troubles get happy

It is important to be one step ahead of yourself at all times. In order to go beyond the usual expectations you must be prepared beforehand. What you are trying to cultivate is the suggestion of what comes next even before the thought of its appearance occurs in your mind. Impossible? Of course not. Have you ever been white water rafting or flown into the eye of a hurricane? How about riding a bicycle where the corner suddenly comes up and you find yourself turning without thinking? The key to all of this is anticipation. With the proper anticipation anything is possible. Where does anticipation begin? It begins with confidence. Nothing will lead you further in life than the certainty that you are going to get there. Your mind can be continually raised to higher levels of communication. The Elysian Fields are where the sweet nectar of ambrosia, anticipation may be partaken of with ease.

You cannot rise or fly upwards to these heights without leaving your doubts behind. Leave your acrimony, your hesitation, your recriminations, your projections, your ego, and leave most of all your bad feelings about another. All of these doubts are outer forms of the embodiment of your resistance to letting go of your negative thoughts and emotions.

The next stop is where you get off. It is your happiness that surrounds in the town called Ever Soaring Flying Freedom. Things happen fast here. It would be difficult to keep up with such a frenetic pace if it weren't for your acquired skills in anticipation. Without thinking you are led into the realm of your hearts desire. You move naturally as the world around you fills with the appointments of your most cherished dreams coming true. How can this be so? Why is this so?

Here it is. Happiness is not a static condition. It evolves moment by moment. What this means is that it actually increases as our capacity to enjoy it expands. The phrase 'enough is never enough' applies here. The concept of an ever increasing happiness may seem to be momentarily beyond our comprehension but it can never be beyond our reach. Here is why.

Before you can move into the awareness of joy you have to set your sights upon the station of joy. You have to realize that the concept of joy is just like any other bit of knowledge that you want to make your own. If you start with this presumption every step that follows from this is a part of your learning curve. If you think you know joy then think again. There is always more that you can discover about joy to make it your own. Some may say I'll be happy if I get published, have ten million dollars, have great health or if I am in a fulfilling relationship or have a brand new car. Turn around this kind of quid pro quo to read; I'll be happy and all of these things will be added to me. It is truly remarkable that an idea will open so much for you in your life. As this idea of increasing happiness begins to take hold you will notice the world around you changing. At first the surface areas of your life will improve. After a while there will be deeper insights and more profound changes that will astound you with the improvement in your overall well being.

Get Happy by Harold Arlen

Pack up your troubles and just get happy
Ya better chase all your cares away
Sing Hallelujah, c'mon get happy
Get ready for the judgment day


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