Thursday, March 23, 2006

Movement in Mind

The Mystery cannot ever ever be defined. Therein lies the basis of Infinity.

We keep trying to define it by becoming it and then casting if off so that we may become something else that looks a lot like it and so on and so forth.

It is in the becoming of it that we are to concentrate our efforts. Therefore present your smiling face to it so that it may reflect upon you the smiling circumstances that you are choosing to create in your life. Persist with your vision and continue to give it your undivided attention. Allow other thoughts to pass through you as you concentrate on exactly what it is that you want. Bring your focus back each time it wavers and return gently to the subject of your concentrated gaze.

It would seem to be possible to open up the way without describing the way. In fact describing the way would in a certain sense limit the way. As we visualize our hearts desire we can remember to keep ourselves open to what is brought forth from these moments of reflection. You can learn to let go of the blockages which come up as a result of past behavior. There is thought and then the center of thought and its periphery. So to there is also that which isn't thought that cannot be spoken except indirectly. You notice that which is not thought by its movement through thought. It is as though thought were pushing something ahead of itself in order to prepare the way for whatever is formed by thought. Could we call this spirit filling up the mold of the thought induced form? Perhaps but still this would be an incomplete description of what is going on. Spirit cannot be touched yet it can be felt from within via the openings that it sends its tendrils of appreciation through. Your response must be one of recognition here so that the next step in the unfolding of form may take place.

Place your expectation of spirit in front of you. It is the harbinger of your success. Learn to proceed as the moments unfold. Craft or mold your thoughts from the center of your receptivity. Connect within to the greater part of you that which determines the flowing forth of all abundance into realized experience. Feel with the passion of a lover rapt in the attention of his or her beloved. Taste the experience as it is going through you to unfold all around you. Entertain the delicious feelings of connection throughout every part of your being. Experience the tingling sensation. This happens when spirit is moving through you and then unbinds itself into the forms of your making. Instead of spirit call this the creation making force that is invisible yet it fills us with everything good throughout our life. It is this creation making force that goes in front of you even as you are in the middle of your visualizations.

There is no demonstration without acceptance. From Stevie Wonders Song Always:
'Did you know that true love asks for nothing. Her acceptance is the way we pay.' The opening of what we are to what we can become is awesome. This opening to reiterate can only be circumscribed by our acceptance. This acceptance removes the blockages built up by time and the status quo. This simply means that if you do not move in mind you will see any results in experience. Movement in mind is allowing your inspiration to come through for you. You make this happen by reaching up for the highest awareness you can think of in the moment. Ideas are not static but need constant revision and the fresh impetus of new angles of approach. Creation is an ongoing thing. This idea of movement takes us into the next area of discovery, emotion.

Emotion is the movement of thought out into the objective realm of manifestation. It is the impelling force of consciousness as pent up desire builds into a rushing torrent of becoming. What is being called forth from within is the experience of overflowing. Blockages are removed by the force of this expression. Keep on track by remembering your intention and saying an emphatic yes to it during every opportunity that presents itself. Take a moment now to visualize your hearts desire and fill this vision with the emotion of certainty. Say yes with all of your body mind and soul. This is how movement in mind will translate into movement in experience.


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