Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Amazing Kabbalah

I am on a writers group and someone brought up this verse, 'Gen 4:17 'and he builded a house' criticizing the grammar. When I looked up the verse I found the following. Kabbalah is truly amazing leading you besides the still waters into paths of righteousness.
Here is my answer to this group which I share with you.

The word that this 'builded' comes from in Hebrew is bonai or spelled Beth Nun Heh. Using different vowels but containing the same letters plus an additional Yud, the word Binah brings up an entirely different meaning to this verse.
Binah means understanding as derived from the extension of the primal will to good passing through the wisdom of inspiration and then to Binah which is the understanding through which all else flows. I have to thank you for pointing this out here today. Otherwise I would have never considered this meaning as I do now in quite the same way. This verse occurs just before all of the generations are described and it is fitting that it should appear here because when there is once an initial idea it does not come into manifestation until it too goes through cycles of embodiment before reaching its intended form.

The Yud that appears in Binah is the first letter of the tetragrammaton and comes between the Beth and the Nun to symbolize the presence of holiness. It is noticeably lacking here in Bonai because these generations of man represent the descent into form.

I shared this exercise to show how the symbolism speaks to our inner meditation in bringing forth those ideas concerning the deepening wisdom we seek when studying the Bible.


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