Sunday, March 05, 2006

Behind that very next door...

Behind that very next door is something amazing. This is what inspiration is all about. It is the expectation of a development in thought that transcends its very nature. Imagine that you are thinking about something or trying to figure out a problem you are having. If you start with the expectation of success it will make your solutions that much more accessible to you. When you cultivate this kind of thinking you live on the very edge of each moment. Ideas begin to appear which otherwise would have remained below the surface of your imagination. This is the beginning of growing your life from the inside out.

By definition the perfect place to be is more than you could imagine which is why you continue to listen and then fill in the blanks. What about a road that you happen to be travelling on where you've never been before. The map can show you the coordinates of your location but it cannot predict what lies up ahead. Expectation colors your predictions with a predilection for something wonderful which is about to occur. Literally your thought atmosphere colors and proves your life experience. That is why it is important to walk the ways of life in peaceful acceptance and enlightened expectation.

On the one hand you face a status quo that you are working to change into something else that you've envisioned. On the other hand you are fully ready to step inside of the world that you've been envisioning by listening for the inspiration that will take you there. It truly is a doorway in your mind that you are accessing at all times. Look around you and then center your focus. This focus is something which you've been working on ever since you had the first thought about something that you desired. Imagine this desire to be a palpable energy that you may touch with your feelings in any moment that you choose.

Here is passage from the Zohar

Trumah verse 61. It is written: "Evening, and morning, and at noon" (Tehilim 55:18). We have established and learned this passage. These are the daily times of prayer, and the friends remarked about these three times ... evening is the mirror that does not shine, . Morning is the mirror that shines, and noon is the place that is called darkness, and is attached to evening, They stand one with the other.

The mirror that does not shine is that quality of substance which duplicates or images the energy of our thought forms. Evening is an allusion to the meditative state where images are born within. The morning in this passage is the enlightenment of the image and its appearance into form as in a mirror where the exact but reversed reflection is produced. The reverse of thought is form. The darkness of the afternoon is the gestation period that accompanies or is attached to the meditation process we undergo. In terms of what we have been speaking about the evening is where we first realize that there is indeed a door to be open. Then through meditation we obtain the key to this door or inspiration. Finally as the door opens the morning appears or the enlightenment of our meditation including our expectation and certainty of its arrival into manifestation.

Practice living in your world from the inside out out and then expect the results of your practice to produce the mirror image of your inner reflection. This is how it all works.


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