Monday, March 06, 2006

Surfing USA

It is here and now and yes this is the place of my becoming. The flow in mind shifts just as a stream will as it then turns or runs into the river. There are currents in mind to be described in this way. They ebb and they flow according to the intensityof both our concentration and our increasing ability to remember the focus that is behind this concentration. When you remember you are able to plan ahead for the changes in tide that cycle through your awareness. The primary focal point is centered directly above the current so that you are in effect skimming the surface. The optimum set point is where your intention meets your ongoing thought flow. There you will find the perfect place to inject your information inside of the mind stuff. This injection is a continuous process. You ride the flow of thought with your intention poised in expectation above the realm of your ongoing thoughts. Keep a soft focus here. A hard edge will cause you to become immersed in the ongoing flow and prevent you from manipulating the directions that your intention produces in its surfing like ride within your primary consciousness.


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