Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bahir 111

Very strange indeed is the next verse which mentions the both the 12 letter and the 72 letter name of God.

Bahir Verse 111. Rabbi Ahilai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse, "God (YHVH) is King, God (YHVH) was king, God (YHVH) will be King forever and ever."? This is the Explicit Name (Shem Ha Mephoresh) , for which permission was given that it be permuted and spoken. It is thus written [regarding the above-mentioned Priestly Blessing] (Numbers 6:27) , "And they shall place My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them." This refers to the Name containing twelve letters. It is the name used in the Priestly Blessing, "May God bless you..." It contains three names [each having four letters] making a total of twelve. Its vowel points are Yapha'al Y'pha'oel Yiph'ol. If one safeguards it and mentions it in holiness, then all his prayers are heard. And not only that, but he is loved on high and below, and immediately answered and helped. This is the Explicit Name that was written on Aaron's forehead. The Explicit Name containing 72 letters and the Explicit Name containing twelve letters were given over by the Blessed Holy One to [the angel] Mesamariah, who stands before the Curtain. He gave it to Elijah on Mount Carmel, and with them he ascended and did not taste death.

Commentary: The priestly blessing is the source of the three YHVH sequences making up the 12 letter name of God. These verses represent the stages of unfoldment as our intention builds itself into the forms of our hearts desire. These vowels points are not so much the pronunciation of this name but the reminder for our awareness to always be in the act of remembering the connection we have with the name and what this name represents. It is the secret name that cannot be said despite what we read here in this verse and despite the permission we are given to speak this name. God cannot be emcompassed by a name any more than we can describe God using the best descriptions that we have on hand. We are extending however, our awareness of this name into the generations of our perception that makes the unfolding universe appear before us moment by moment. This explicit name refers to our direct focus on our hearts desire. A secret reveal here is that in this priestly blessing there are instructions for raising your awareness to the level of holiness. Perhaps a separate post on the Priestly Blessing is in order now before we continue further with this part of the Bahir.

Stay tuned.


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