Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Understanding the Bible's dark passages

Think about when you've had an idea and then tried to put it into words. The initial inspiration, lets call it Genesis. Time passes, stuff happens and you begin to stray from the one,the center of your inspiration. That is one way to look at it.

Look at a child from a broken home where she was abused and otherwise ill treated. Then give her love and an open understanding and with luck she'll come back into an appreciation of herself. The Bible is full of mysteries that reveal themselves much like your life reveals itself when taken into the perspective of your experiences. When you grow old reflection gives new meanings to things that at first defied description.

After Genesis the revelation is dimmed. In Exodus following Jethro the Midian priest's suggestions Moses politicized the entire process by making the hierarchy of the priesthood. Prior to this intervention all of Israel were considered priests. It is out of this turning point that Leviticus follows and with it the reliance of Israel upon the priesthood for their salvation instead their own self reliance and communion that saved them and took them out of Egypt (the land of spiritual darkness) initially.

The same holds true for our lives when we give over the responsibility of our actions to another or in the name of another. Yes I agree there are dark passages but because of that initial light it is possible to see beneath the fabric of human error that runs through the passages you speak of. In addition these passages in their own right actually have deeper meanings revealed by meditation. The Aramaic language was never a literal language. Like Chinese its symbols conveyed meanings that surface language interpretations cannot penetrate.You may not have wanted to know all of this but I thought I would point out both the light and the darkness here. The Bible is not for everyone nor is religion recommended for all. Whatever allows you to feel the happiness of the truth of your being is fine. Sit under a tree, go to the ocean, make love, laugh with a child, eat an apple, go to a ballgame or simply sit quietly and reflect.


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