Thursday, March 23, 2006

Acceptance and letting go.

It is this 'letting go' thing that lies at the heart of self. The main concept that we need to let go of is our reactive nature.

Example: Someone attacks us verbally or we feel angered by the news or a driver cuts us off. The normal reaction is anger and a desire for payback. What we lose sight of in this knee jerk reaction is that these feelings of anger are something that we have to live with. We cannot transfer or project them adequately enough so that they are no longer a part of our psyche. Other reactions are fear, frustration, depression, etc. Why are these reactions? Because we do not stop to think before we are in full swing. What is needed is true conscious action. Yes feel the buttons being pushed but then breathe deeply and remember your center. Remember to take on only that which you want to truly experience. (love your neighbor yada yada) You have to live with your reactions and deal with the emotional turmoil that these reactions cause. It is a more prudent course in my opinion to consider first the consequences of thinking along a certain line of inquiry. Ask yourself how do you want to feel and then let go of the threads of thought that would have been born by your negative reactions. Negative in this sense means anything which takes away from your personal well being.

This leads us into the subject of this post which is acceptance. We allow the world to move in its own way despite our misgivings because we choose to center our attention on the one world in which we have the utmost interest, our very own microcosm of identity. (Seek ye the kingdom of heaven first yada yada) Look for what is right in your life and give gratitude for that. Accept deeply at the soul level your wonderful appearance in this life and all the good that you represent as a potential to be fulfilled. I keep having the thought that I am moulting this spring; letting go of my negative reactions and preparing myself to accept the new life that is born again in each of us in this season of rebirth, renewal and resurrection. These are timeless feelings wired inside of our DNA. It is a time to be open and appreciate the wonder of life springing up all around us.

Each moment we are born anew by both the thoughts we think and those we let go of. Let go of the one and be renewed by the other.

Something wonderful is happening. Pay attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your grace and understanding. Never stop sharing your insight.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you know how much of a help you are to those who can't express themselves the way you can.

3:47 AM  

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