Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Groove, The Dance, The Elevation of Mind

Expand the level of concentration beyond the reach of its highest attainments. Get inside of the game and play it for all that it is worth. Use the skills you've acquired over the years and count on them to attract that which you are seeking. Now is not the time for reflection. Push on the goal remains but a glimmer away. Don't stop yourself by taking on the karma of others. Taking on karma in this sense means to take on what others expect out of you and is combined with what they expect from themselves. Your sensitivity has taught you that to do so is a step backward and now more than ever it is time to move on. Move on past your expectations and move into your demonstrations. Feel them underneath you as the earth support you so too does it support the images that are taking form all around you. The energy you feel in terms of humor is the overflowing of substance into form. Remember this when you are laughing or smiling or simply feeling good about yourself. This brings us into the exact center of the heart of the matter. It is where you were destined to be all along. This destiny has acted as a divining rod to steel your intention and hone your meditations. Everything that has come before is now presented as energy before your eyes.

Groove with these feelings. Rise up to meet them head on. Complete the task you set out to do. See it now as already finished. Feel the rush of success and the joy of fulfillment. Notice what your feeling are in the moment and see them through. Keep saying yes to this upward flow of abundance that issues from your expectation of its arrival not only as a feeling in mind but also plays out in the events you subsequently experience in form.

Dance a step or two ahead of the status quo. Anticipate the flows. Your partner is the cosmic energy that fuels the mindstuff. The dance floor is limitless in all directions. Flight is also a part of your repetoire of steps. Coreograph your moves following the images of your intention into manifestation. Look around you. The eyes have it. Transform your sight and then awaken to the light that now shines on your hearts desire.

Contemplate Mind and where it may be found. See the relationships between your feelings and your thoughts. Merge one within the other. As you are doing so direct your inner gaze to that which cannot be touched and then let go inside of this. Feel it move to your attention. Let it expand with your blessing. This is you and yet it is more than you. It is the Elevation of Mind through the conscious awareness of intentional connection. Perhaps you've been here before but briefly. Now you may return and live in this fashion eternally. There is a secret contained within this message that must never be described for how can you describe that which is not and yet is everything.

What just happened here? Spirit. Soul. Self. God. Something moved. Did you feel it? It is beyond you yet remains an integral part of you. There is something there. Listen there it goes again. Perhaps a feeling of warmth or a rush of emotion precedes it. Always you will find it if you are intentionally looking for it. Guess what. It wants to be found. Doesn't that beat all. People spend their lives searching outside of themselves when all the while it lives within. It is gentle and oh so magnificent. There is only one way to touch this that cannot be named and that is with your mind. With Mind you listen and then project your thoughts inside of it. After your meditation the mistake is to walk away thinking that is all there is to it. No there is much more. Listen for it. Pay attention to it. Encourage it to come forth into your daily actions. Once you call it forth it will by attraction draw others to it in order to experience it in their own way.

Remember that you can call it forth in every moment. Now is the time to choose to feel and then to reveal its presence in your life. What are you waiting for?


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