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Bahir Verse 110

Amazing is verse 110. For any of those who have looked at the seventy-two names of God here is some more mysterious information. Not only is the derivation of the names revealed here but their extension as well.
Bahir Verse 110. There is a name that is derived from the three verses (Exodus 14:19-21) , "And travelled ... And came ... And stretched..." The letters of the first verse, "And travelled..." are arranged in this name in the order that they are in the verse. The letters of the second verse, "And came ..." are arranged in the name in reverse order. The letters of the third passage, "And stretched..." are arranged in the name in the same order as they occur in the verse, just like the case of the first verse. Each of these verses has 72 letters. Therefore, each of the names that is derived from these three sentences, "And travelled... And came... And stretched..." contains three letters. These are the 72 names. They emanate and divide themselves into three sections, 24 to each section. Over each of these sections is a higher Officer. Each section has four directions to watch, east, west, north and south. The four directions then have a total of 24 forms. [This is true of the first section] as well as the second and the third. All of them are sealed with YHVH , God of Israel, the living God, Shaddai, high and exalted, who dwells in eternity on high, whose Name is holy, YHVH. Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever.

Commentary: If you take a look at these verses Ex: 14: 19-21 you will see that each verse contains seventy-two letters. In order to generate each seventy two name perform the following.
Begin by taking the first letter of the first word in verse 19
Then take the last letter of the last word in verse 20
End by taking the 1st letter of the first word in verse 21

This generates the first name Vav Heh Vav.

If you continue in this fashion all 72 names will be generated.
Section one described above containing 24 forms is composed of the first three horizontal lines.
Strength (Geburah) is the Officer of all the Holy Forms to the left of the Blessed Holy One . He is Gabriel. from Bahir verse 108
Consider that within this set of 24 names we have the drawing in of power or the formation of the energy of making. Each name here is ascribed to this making, fashioning, forming, intuiting, dreaming, envisioning, etc.

Section two follows with another three horizontal lines
In the middle is Truth. This is Uriel, the Officer of all the Holy Forms [in the centre].from Bahir verse 108
Stasis, the coming together of ideation and certainty. All the forms here describe these kinds of actions.
Harmony, peace, acceptance, completion, etc.

and completes itself with the last set of three horizontal lines.
The Officer of all the Holy Forms to His right is Michael.from Bahir verse 108
Chesed(Mercy) Overflowing of thought forms throughout the mindsphere
generosity and abundance, a clear still lake, etc.

It goes on to explain that each of these three sections has four directions to watch which contain the 24 forms. We could read this as each direction has 24 forms for a total of 96 but then this would complicate matters and would not be central to this discussion. Let's stick with the 24 forms bounded by four directions for each section ruled over by Gabriel, Michael and Uriel respectively.

Direction indicates the pathways that mind will take in meditation following the inspiration of thought. It is important to note the space in which the meditation is being covered. These seventy two names are meant to broaden your meditative space so that the creations which take place are more easily recognized by the holiness of creation. This holiness of creation is symbolized by the Yud Heh Vav Heh (YHVH) of the holy name. It seals each invention by the recognition of certainty that your thoughts are in fact the forms of your experience. They are eternal representations of the mind of YHVH that is working through you in order to transmit the light of expression. You are also the instrument of this expression which is why you are given desires for something more in the first place.

Use the following verse as a meditation device to consider the directions your thoughts are going in and how your increased focus may obtain a more immediate result for the efforts you are putting forth. Beyond the meanings are the applications. Remember no thought in mind goes unanswered in form.


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