Sunday, March 26, 2006

The appearance of mind in the midst of the movement of the status quo changes the direction of this flow into the appearance of mind in all its many images of representation. There is an active sending forth that is taking place otherwise there is only a following of form which cannot be altered except by the appearance of mind. This active nature of mind comes about through the self awareness of cause and effect. Because of this knowing in terms of of cause and effect the element of time has to be taken in account. The appearance of mind must be active within the space of an interval that may be built upon where momentum may be built up and progress may be gained. As you are moving with the flow you learn to anticipate the emotions that are a part of this flow. These emotions serve as course corrections guiding your journey into the pathways of intention that you have set your mind upon. Emotion cannot be built up or energized except by the continuation of the resident thought flow combined with your intentional vibrational harmonization.

See it. Feel it. Know it and then become it. The stages all unfold from 'see it.' While in the middle of your meditation time will then become fluid so that its awareness is no longer linear but spherical in nature. Time appears all around you in such a way that you find yourself immersed in becoming. The miracle of this kind of experience of time may be brought upon you in any moment that you decide to think about the way you want things to be. The body may only become that which has already been prepared for it in the midst of your envisioning through the thought waves you are creating by your persistent intention. Then with this persistence something new is born and may be used as a further springboard for new invention building upon the certainty and success. It become possible because of these efforts you continue to make that your world gradually at first and suddenly dramatically changes into the very thing itself that you have been visualizing in its entirely. Always the feeling nature leads the way followed by the intellectual understanding and then earthing of the image into the embodiment of your life experience.


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