Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bahir 108

Again in this verse 108 we extend the ideas of 24 and 72. They are brought together here to showa key element of this discussion.

Bahir 108. And who are the Officers? We learned that there are three. Strength (Geburah) is the Officer of all the Holy Forms to the left of the Blessed Holy One . He is Gabriel. The Officer of all the Holy Forms to His right is Michael. In the middle is Truth. This is Uriel, the Officer of all the Holy Forms [in the centre]. Each Officer is over 24 Forms. But there is no reckoning of his troops, as it is written (Job 25:3), "Is there a number to His troops?" But if so, then there are 72 plus 72 [making a total of 144]. He said: This is not the case. For when Israel brings a sacrifice before their Father in heaven, they are united together. This is the unification of our God.

Commentary: Consider the elements described. The officers, troops, forms and angels. First the angels. We need a definition to work with here. Angels such as Uriel, Gabriel and Michael are the spiritual personifications of those thoughts which have gone beyond our ordinary mode of description. These angels have taken on the aspects of the Tree of Life in order to illustrate how thoughts form themselves into organizations and hierarchies. Think of smoke rising on the wind how it will follow the direction of the wind. This is how thoughts follow the direction of your intention. There is much here to think on. The concept of infinity is introduced to provide you with an idea of the relevance of each thought. Each thought rises on high and is accompanied by these angels of awareness. Each is placed according to its place. This is where the names of God, the 72 would be taking place, however these higher organizations go on literally forever.

What is this sacrifice that Israel brings and how does it relate to theme being discussed. The sacrifices are always our doubts. They are left behind as the burnt offering to be consumed in the fires of truth that continually burn before the holy one blessed be. Only when we are able to let go of our doubts will our thoughts then rise in the unity of being that is considered in our imaginations as God. This construct that we aspire to is the continuing unity of creation. It is the flow of creation that is paramount and once immersed in this flow our thoughts become prayers which then filter to us below forming the basis for all of our miracles and the deliverance of all our heart desires.


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