Friday, July 08, 2005

Understanding the Infinite

There are two kinds of driving experiences. One is full of tension. Another is where you arrive and don't remember driving there. The first is a Finite experience. The second is an Infinite experience.

The Finite Mind when going for a drive opens the car door, sits down, adjusts the seat and mirror, puts on the seat belt, starts the car, backs out of the driveway, pulls into the street, looks both ways, etc.

The Infinite Mind simply goes. All of the above still happens but it happens without thinking about it as a natural course of taking a drive. Experiencing the Infinite is about letting go and knowing that the Infinite is there taking care of everything for you. For most it is a scary thing letting go but with practice you will find it gets easier.

When short on time take the long view. You will no longer be in a rush and will nonetheless arrive on time.

Every distinction we make whether it is counting apples or Sephiroth are arbitrary means to present order to Mind. Instead of saying there are ten Sephiroth or X dimensions we can just accept the Infinite in every aspect of our life.

The true purpose of these distinctions such as learning each of the Ten Sephiroth, or 32 paths of wisdom or 50 gates of understanding or that there are four worlds is to take our Mind off of it's reactive nature. When we are thinking abstractly our thoughts achieve order. When this order becomes so intricate that you need a guidebook to separate exactly what is going on then it is time to leave.

When we leave we enter the Infinite our Mind intact and ordered and thus capable of transcending the obvious and experiencing the transcendental.

The only way therefore to understand the Infinite is to accept the Infinite as your own. No other definitions are then necessary from this point of view.

Where then is your attention? It ascends to the Infinite. From there all things are not only possible but have already happened. It is your attention that brings these experiences into view by recognizing them not far off but in the now of your daily life.


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