Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Things to remember when studying Kabbalah.

Things to remember when studying Kabbalah.

  • One: Thought is produced because of a particular State of Mind

  • Two: Thoughts arrange themselves according to a Hierarchy of Thought

  • Three: The goal of Mind is to attain a Harmony of Relationship within Thought.

  • Four: The result of the Harmony of Relationship points to Stillness or the Place of Peace

  • Five: From this Place of Peace you arrive at a Certainty of Knowing.

  • Six: This opens up your heart leading to a sharing of this Certainty.

  • Seven: Then what is revealed is the Unlimited in all its Splendor. Words do not suffice in description.

  • Eight: This assures your Mastery of Mind

  • Nine: Use this Mastery of Mind as the Foundation of your awareness

  • Ten: Touch that which you have seen in Mind and you complete the cycle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • I will comment on each of these references by themselves to further provide material for meditation.
    It is enough now to lay them out there for you to ponder.


    Mark Siet


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