Monday, June 20, 2005

I can and I will

Use these words to amplify your certainty about anything that you are about to undertake.

"I can and I will." When you repeat these words to yourself during the day or just as you are retiring for the night they set up a very special sequence of invoking. This invoking is the same kind of energy that is brought into play during a prayer that you might say.

The blessings you say for example in Hebrew over various foods and occasions are just for this purpose of invoking. What are you invoking? You are invoking the God force, the presence of the Eternal, the all surrounding essence of the Perpetual One, you are calling all of this into your life experience right there in the moment that you are experiencing.

I can and I will identifies you immediately with these all powerful currents and gives to yourself the certainty to practice the direction of the flow as it pertains to your life both immediately and for your planned times to come.

Get used to saying yes to your connection with the creative power. Build up this certainty by repetition and by recognition. Repeat this phrase with your attention on your connection. It is kind of like saying, 'let me be a vehicle for the divine influx of all power, or I open myself to this divine influx so that what I see in mind I prove in kind.'


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