Monday, June 27, 2005

Bahir 53

Here in verse 53 the idea of gold is expanded. Remember from our earlier commentary that gold referred to the joyful state of mind which produces the results of inspiration. Let's take it from here to begin our commentary. Verse 53 follows for reference

Bahir Verse 53. Why is [gold] called Zahav ? Because it includes three attributes, [alluded to in its three letters, Zayin, Heh, Beth ]. [The first attribute is] Male, (Zachar) . This is the Zayin . [The second is] the Soul. This is the Heh. [The numerical value of Heh is five, alluding to] the five names of the soul: Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chiah, Yechidah. What is the purpose the Heh ? It is a throne for the Zayin . It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), "For one above the other watches." The Beth is its sustenance. It is thus written (Genesis 1:1), "In (Beth) the beginning [God] created..."


There are many offerings here. Each of them is meant to provide a tool for inspiration. By this I mean that what we see in these verses of Bahir are meant to awaken inspiration. When we think about something it awakens or inspires something else. This process of awakening is the basis for all of the Kabbalistic writings including the Bahir here and the Zohar and all of the Ari's writings. It is this creative process that forms the sum total of the essence of Kabbalah. You may study all of the writings everywhere for the results of Kabbalah but in order to experience Kabbalah for yourself this awakening must take place within you. You are the object of every writing that has ever been written about Kabbalah. You are the purpose that is being revealed here. If you have questions about this aspect let me know. Now on with the exposition of this verse.

It says Zayin is the male influence. This is the active part of consciousness. In Tarot Zayin represents the Lovers. The basic form of this card has a man and woman and the angel Raphael above and between them. I mention this card here because there is a theme that we will see repeated over and over again. I spoke of Will in an earlier post. It is the directing influence. Will imparts to Mind, the feminine or subsconsciousness it's directions. The angel Raphael is a healing influence. What happens to our present world in terms of what happens to the world to come could be seen as a healing of both our inner and outer worlds. When we think of what we want we direct by our attention (Will) that which we want to see. It takes place in Mind but before manifestation may take place, your current conception or your current view of your world must pass away. It must be healed of that which you no longer wish to see or pay attention to. This is the theme that we will see wherever we look in the ancient writing. Intend, Impress and Let Go. This is the three fold process of creation.

Zayin is also called the sword. It is the sword of discrimination. When you discriminate in your Mind between right and wrong thoughts for you, this is the sword that cuts off the negativity and allow your positive affirmations to flourish.

Heh is called a throne for Zayin and also alludes to the soul. In this sense Heh is then representative of Mind. Therefore it is the place where Zayin or Will in our present understanding sits. Will then is the Master or King of Mind, or as we've said previously, Mind is in service to Will.

In Tarot Heh is represented by the Emperor who is the master of Mind especially of the order of Mind. When soul is used here it is Mind in its Clay form that is impressed by Will with our Intention. The various levels of Soul are given, Nephesh (the animal or lowest level, think of it as a form that is first impressed but hasn't gone through any permutations), Ruach (spirit or invisible force, think of it as Will going through its first transmutation operating as Will but inexorably becoming that which Will becomes), Neshamah (called our Higher Self, the result of our connection with the understanding that we are currently going through), Chayah (Beyond the grasp of our intellectual Minds but operating as a results of the continuing transformations of Neshamah. Here the angel Raphael from the Tarot key Lovers mentioned above operates), Yechidah (highest soul level, again beyond intellectual grasp yet the ultimate result of connection and the discovery of the divine inspiration. It is important to realize the stages that Mind connected now with Will goes through. Admittedly these stages go beyond our view but that is the purpose of this study to always take you beyond what you've experienced before to provide new products for inspiration. Think of this as an understanding which you are saving up for some future revelation.

The Bahir goes on and says for one above the other watches. We could see the angel above as watching the actions that are taking place from Will (Zayin) impressing (Heh -Soul-Mind) with its directives. Also we could say that once Will is in place it then oversees all of Mind's outworking of the plan correcting where necessary the details that are taking place. The Bahir say lastly that Beth is its sustenance. Beth the house is the final form. It is the manifestation of the idea impressed by Will and watched over by Will as Mind works out the details. How do we know this has to do with the creation process? The last verse directly references Beth and "In the beginning....

Summary: We separate the letters of gold Zahav in order to see how each works with the other in order to produce the meaning that is gold. Gold is however given a meaning beyond its mineral sense and is equated with whereby creation itself comes into being. In terms of Modern Kabbalah, Will initiates the action of wanting to be a certain thing. It must become this thing and yet it cannot force its way for then Will turns into Willful or the Ego. It must let go of itself into Mind which it does so by the agency of Love which is a universal symbol for letting go. This Love as we see in the angel above in the Tarot key the Lovers brings about the transformation of Mind or Soul in five stages until the thing itself appears in view. This manifestation then becomes the home of our process of creation or the Beth of creation, its beginning wherein the end is also contained.

Lots to think about here. Questions are welcome. Much more to come.

Mark Siet


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