Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bahir 52

Here in the middle of speaking about the voices they bring in gold and silver. There are certainly veils over this one. Let's see what we can do about uncovering them quickly in the commentary:

Bahir 52. "Let him without silver come" can also be explained in another way. Let him come to God, for He has silver. It is thus written (Haggai 2:8) , "Mine is the silver, and Mine is the gold." What is the meaning of the verse, "Mine is the silver, and Mine is the gold"? What is this like? A king had two treasuries, one of silver, and one of gold. He placed that of silver to his right, and that of gold to his left. He said [of the silver], "This should be ready, and easy to take out." He keeps his words calm. He is attached to the poor and directs them calmly. It is thus written (Exodus 15:6) , "Your right hand, O God, is mighty in power." If he rejoices in his portion, then all is well. If not, then (Exodus 15:6), "Your right hand, O God, crumbles the enemy." He said to them: This is referring to the gold. It is thus written, "Mine is the silver, and Mine is the gold."

Commentary: There are three parts to this verse, plus a conclusion.

Part One: Silver is inspiration. Read the first sentence as "let him without inspiration come." It goes on to say without inspiration we go to God for God has both silver and gold. Read the effects of inspiration for gold also you may read treasure for gold in the above sentences. Go to God because God has inspiration and the effects of inspiration. Go to the source of your being where inspiration may always be found. Once you find your inspiration then the results of that inspiration are assured. Your treasure then is in not only finding the inspiration but in realizing the connection between it and the subsequent results.

Part Two: The King with two treasuries. Yes he has inspiration and its effects. Inspiration is given to the poor calmly. The poor in this case are those who are poor in imagination or thought. God will teach you how to reach for your good when you turn to That which is God. It is calm because only in a peaceful state of mind may you see that which is full of light, your inspiration. "Easy to take out," yes inspiration comes upon you all of a sudden and is readily understood.

Part Three: When we next turn to gold of the effects of inspiration we are told to have a certain state of mind during this phase of intention. "If he rejoices in his portion, then all is well," this means have a joyful state of mind following your inspiration and watch the good that flows from this. If you do not have a joyful state of mind "God crumbles the enemy," this should read the enemy of God is the crumbling of inspiration. If you have a strong desire and see much good coming from this, your enemies are your doubts or inability to move forward as a result of your inspiration. It speaks about referring to the gold here. The gold is the effect that you would see when you do keep a joyful state of mind or certainty following your inspiration.

Conclusion: "Mine is the silver, mine is the gold," refers to your source from whence our of your good comes. We are always directed back to the source for this is the thought that we are to keep uppermost in our minds at all times. As in the SHMA, Hear Oh Israel, or more appropriately put, Listen to what is real, listen to the reality of your shining self. Bless the ground you walk on for it is indeed holy ground. It is made holy by your acceptance of your inspiration and your focus on what is real within you.


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