Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Listen Deeply, See Deeply

When you deepen the awareness of what you hear you deepen the awareness of what you see.

In the language of the Bahir, What is this like?

A King asks his ministers to bring him the greatest beauties of the land so that he may choose a wife. The ministers do as they are told. The King sees that there are many wonderful beauties in the land but he still cannot decide. After days of contemplating each in turn he begins the process once again only this time he asks each one to tell him their fondest wishes.

Most respond that they would want to marry the King and bring him many children. All of their answers are genuine and so very much alike. Finally one of these beauties answers that she would like make the lives of people better in the land. The King listens. He knows nothing of the troubles the people are having. She goes on to tell him that taxes are too much and there isn't enough money left over for food.

The King makes his decision and marries the beauty who spoke from her heart about what she could do for others. It took persistence but the King saw through to the heart of the matter. He also decreased the taxes and made sure everyone had enough and more than enough to eat.

This is what it is like to see deeply and hear even more.

When we hear deeply we listen to our greatest good which is the beauty of our life. As we listen we open up our hearts to accept this great good. We keep opening up our hearts and experience the love of the divine. We are persistent in this loving attitude that we have opened ourselves up to. Through our persistence then we hear more deeply or listen more deeply. Our of this intentional listening our hearts open to love and then the wonders of the universe begin to unfold to us. Then and only then do we begin to see more deeply and by our deeper seeing experience the things that are of our greatest love, our greatest life, those heartfelt desires are now molded forever into the things we may accept as commonplace everyday.

Here when you think you have try some more and then go beyond even that. Why put in such effort?
The golden pearl is truly worth any price. A time will come when you are feeling exhilirated inside of this circle of love caused by your listening and evidenced by your seeing.


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