Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bahir 55

Next up the sephiroth are alluded to in verse 55. There is so much here that at this time we will capture what we can knowing that we can always go back for more.

Bahir Verse 55. What is the Beth at the end? [As it is written] (Proverbs 24:3), "With wisdom will the house (Bayit) be built." The verse does not say "was built", but "will be built". In the future God will build and decorate it, thousands of times more than it was. It is as we have said: Why does the Torah begin with a Beth ? As it is written (Proverbs 8:30) , "I was with Him as a craftsman, I was His delight for a day, a day, [frolicking before Him at every time]." These are the two thousand years, which are the "beginning". Two? But the scripture says seven, as it is written (Isaiah 30:26), "The light of the moon shall be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold [like the light of the seven days." And we said, "Just like the sun was for seven, so the moon was for seven." [He replied,] "I said thousands." 56. They said to him: Up until now there are five. What comes next? He replied: First I will explain gold. What is gold? We learn that it is where justice emanates. If you bend your words to the right or left, you will be punished.

Commentary: With wisdom will the house be built. Wisdom is Chochmah the second sephiroth. It is the extension of the light which is also a reference to the beginning of the light sent forth from Kether the first sephiroth. The inspiration here continues with the follow through of the light. This light which follows and builds itself in wisdom is the plan of creation. The moon is also related to Beth according to the Sepher Yetzirah, supplement to Chapter IV Verse 1,,
'He caused and produced Beth, predominant in wisdom, crowned, combined, and formed the Moon in the Universe, the first day of the week, and the right eye, of man.' All of these attributes are linked together. The Second Sephiroth like the moon draws upon the reflected light of the initial inspiration. Listen to the proverb speak of 'I was a craftsman," What voice is speaking here. It is the voice which reflects that of the creator. Take this in slowly. The voice that reflects that of the creator. We are forever sitting at the foot of the creator in our wisdom that is to be learned. This delight that is spoken of is the delight of wisdom. It is how one inspiration leads to another. This 'frolicking before him,' is speaking about the state of mind we need to encourage within ourselves in response to the opening of wisdoms doors. Then next there are the two and the seven being discussed. The two are the sun and the moon. The seven are the seven lower sephiroth. These are energy alignments of the initial inspiration coming from Kether. Your thoughts go forth and are changed their energy directed into various channels of influence. The sun is Tiphareth which is also called Zeir Anpin relating as well to the lower sephiroth wherein the moon appears as Foundation to reflect the energy of Tiphareth the sun which correspondingly reflects the energy of Kether. When you look at the Tree of Life Kether, Tiphareth and Yesod or Foundation all run in a straight line one from the other. We are speaking of an ideal situation where thoughts perfectly reflect one another with the hindrances of doubt in the form of distractions. A key to this is given when they are talking about bending to the right or left and being punished. What is being explained is the necessity of keeping Will focused on the objective of the gold that is mentioned in verse 55 which we have equated with the initial inspiration. It is from this initial inspiration that our results may be found. The justice that is mentioned is the justice of having our thoughts reproduce themselves as events in our lives. We are always directed according to how we are directed along our inner plane. Time is also mentioned in verse 55, two thousand versus seven thousand years. See time here as the outworking of the inspiration. Two thousand is tied to the beginning and leads us to the incredible focus we are called upon to keep going. Seven thousand refers to the outworkings of the intention thus formed. The years are not literal years but stand for levels of thinking that take place in reality outside of space and time. Whenever we are shown something in this Bahir we know it is trying to get us to look at something else. The obvious answers are too easily lost in the references that are given on the surface. It is only when we uncover that we discover and in verse 55 this is what we have done in order to show thoughts of inspiration working through the levels of manifestation in order to reveal themselves one to another like the moon does the sun and like the sun does Kether so that we are always seeing the ageless maxim, 'as above so below.'


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