Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The surrounding flows

You make your world out of the thoughts you surround yourself with. By the simple act of choosing your thinking you activate the will of the one. The Will of the One only knows good and is sometimes called the Will to Good. It is a specialized area in Mind that becomes active through your efforts in changing your Mind from negative to positive. This type of dynamic occurs when Will engages Mind. Will says to Mind, this is what I will be and then experiences the results of this becoming directly through experience. Will must be actively engaged. When Will has been in place for a while the experience of momentum is felt and the tendency is to disengage Will and let the momentum carry you which it will for a time. Soon however without the attention of Will, Mind reverts to earlier thought patterns in increasingly negative circles. All is vibration and each level of vibration has a signature to it. The vibrations that Will has sent out has the signature of Will easily recognizable by the way you feel when you are grooving with these vibrations and then by their signature these vibrations of Will make it easier for you to traverse the life experiences that are the resulting forms.

What about these surrounding flows? You live in a universe of thought. If you are not actively promoting your own thinking your thoughts will be acted upon by these surrounding flows. The end result of these surrounding flows is karma. Up and down according to the random nature of these flows with no rhyme or reason.

If Mind is anything is has to be a groove made up of all the thoughts that you've been thinking and all of the thoughts that are being thought through you. When you pick up a 'vibe' it is a thought energy that you do not fully resonate with. There is resistance in you because of this. The resistance comes from the different vibratory levels of the nexus of these thought energies. If you do not resist this negative vibe then sooner or later you will find yourself becoming a part of this negative energy much to your detriment. Your awareness of the 'vibe' alerts you to action. This action being to setup within yourself and then project out from yourself a positive energy of connection. You can do this by choosing to think about what you want in spite of the 'vibe' you are feelings. If you persist in thinking about what you choose the 'vibe' will lose its appeal to you. It will either dissipate around you or you will transcend it. This is especially evident when you perceive someone who by their words or their actions leaves you feeling drained or upset.. In their presence you feel attacked and walk away with a 'vibe.' Here is what happens in these cases and how to let go of the vibe.

The person who accepts negativity is cursed. That is they are continually drawing in this negative energy and do not know how to release it properly. They are cursed in the sense that they are ignorant of any method for releasing the negativity or they refuse to even try. Then the only way to ameliorate the situation is to project this negative energy on someone. Projecting like 'it's their fault, or they made me do it, or a host of other projections that make the other the evil party. When they come upon you a supposedly neutral party they seek your unity with their negativity so that they may feel justified and build a more powerful negativity as a result. If you resist in any way then you become an object to project upon. You begin to feel bad all over and cannot stop thinking about this person. That is because you are in a sense being cursed by their projections. However you aren't ignorant of the psychic attacks you've been feeling. You know that if you return these attacks you will feel them twice as strongly. So what do you do?

Presumably before you were attacked you were working on something of your own. You were thinking about what you wanted to think about but were then interrupted in your flow. The answer is to return to your flow and consciously keep the flow of your Will intent upon the operation of your Mind. Then you are offering nothing for the projected negativity to latch on to. No matter what they say silently repeat to yourself. 'This is not mine I do not accept it but return it from whence it came.' This is a very powerful affirmation for dispelling negativity and returning it to its source. You may also add as a healing, 'I bless this feeling so that it may return healed of its negativity.' Then you are actually helping the person because not only won't you spread their nonsense you are sending it back to them with the seeds of hope.

This is something you can use in case of feeling a 'vibe.' Another way to put a stop to negativity is to pay attention to what you want and use that meditation to produce positive results within yourself. You make sure that you are constantly fertilizing your thoughts with the chosen affirmations you are using to direct Mind in its outworking of your plan. You keep on grooving your positive message all day long and into the night right before you fall asleep. The result of this is that you will be feeling another kind of 'vibe.' This time your feelings will resonate with certainty. What you will be projecting all around yourself will be positive energy. Your thought atmosphere will become elevated. When this happens inspiration and miracles are the result.

The difference between success and failure with the two above methods depends upon persistence. This means to practice and practice being aware. Each act of awareness builds upon the other. Time as it happens is on your side. You are building momentum each time you change your mind and choose to groove the thoughts you would like to see as a result in your life.

Yes we make life up as we go along and we do not have to go along blindly. We have a choice to make in each moment. If you want to be sure of a prosperous and happy life, choose your properous and happy thoughts well. They will build up inside of you until they are overflowing and all may partake of the goodness that you are bringing forth.

There is another way to look at all of this. The master of wisdom becomes a vehicle for the divine, for the holiness of the Eternal. By choosing our thoughts well what we are really accomplishing is our connection with the Mystery. Through this connection then we are able to increase the level of positive energy flowing through us. This positive energy manifests then as our thinking. Each time we choose a positive thought we are saying to ourselves, 'yes I open up myself to the divine and let this Eternal connection flow through me.' Conversely when we choose negativity we are saying, 'I choose to block this connection.' When we look at this dynamic of energy and connection it is quite easy to see where our choices do indeed make the difference between experiencing positive results and experiencing negative results. Remember there is no coercion here. All of this is happening to yourself by yourself through knowing yourself.

I know this is a lot to think about. The main point here is that you can make a choice and everytime you do it becomes easier to make the right choice.


Blogger zerowan said...

Thank you for sharing these powerful thoughts. Life is good. May you prosper. PEACE...

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