Thursday, June 30, 2005

Continuing to Focus Bahir 54

Every once in a while with these verses of the Bahir the meaning comes through right between the eyes. It is the case with the next verse 54. When I think about these verses it is always in the moment. For example I was thinking about writing something about continuing to focus. My next thought was let's see what the Bahir says in the next verse we are looking at. I don't believe it is a coincidence that both the meanings that are hinted at in the next verse are remarkably close to what it is that I wanted to think about. Unity revolves around the ideas constantly one provoking and elucidating the other.

Bahir verse 54. What is its function here? What is this like? A king once had a daughter who was good, pleasant, beautiful and perfect. He married her to a royal prince, and clothed, crowned and bejewelled her, giving her much money. Is it possible for the king to ever leave his daughter? You will agree that it is not. Is it ever possible for him to be with her constantly? You will also agree that it is not. What can he then do? He can place a window between the two, and whenever the father needs the daughter, or the daughter needs the father, they can come together through the window. It is thus written (Psalm 45:14) , "All glorious is the king's daughter inside, her garment is interwoven with gold ."

Wow. We are given two keys here right off the bat. The opening two questions are keys that we can use with every inquiry we make. You will notice that this is a standard form of inquiry both in the Bahir and throughout the Zohar. We ask of its function and then proceed to explain its function in allegory. We have a story which follows which is the allegory while the function is hinted at in the conclusion which says, 'her garment is interwoven with gold. Let me explain.

Will is the King. Once you set forth your intention this then directs Mind. In the above verse daughter is both Mind and Manifestation or Malchut in the Sephiroth. As Mind it represents Binah or Understanding which is fully completed once the upper daughter (Binah-Understanding) passes into form (Malchut-Kingdom). When you see the form of your intention understanding comes in. It is the knowing that the original inspiration has found a home or a place in which to grow and be. This garment that is interwoven with gold is directly the result of the window that goes between the King and the daughter to communicate with each other. Read here instead between Will and Mind. Once you send out an intention you do not need to continually send this forth but you may from time to time check in with your Intention to see what Mind is doing with this. Likewise when Mind reaches a temporary impasse in its outworking of your Intention or the outworking of Will, then it seeks to communicate with Will for further inspiration. In this way you can see the King looking through the window at the daughter and the daughter looking back the other way at the King.

Now what does this all mean? When you have an Intention or you exercise your Will this is the first part of the creative process. The second part is Mind opening to your Intention and setting about to 'deliver the goods.' The third part of Mind is to formulate all the ideas which go into the outworking of your intention. This process continues in various steps until the thing itself is seen and known for the manifestation of the original Intention. When this occurs a returning wave of understanding flows back to the third part of Mind where the process of outworking is reinforces with successful outworking of the Intention of Mind. Throughout this process there are corrections which take place along the way either by Will which wants to reinforce its focus by continuing its focus, or by Mind which seeks new inspiration to move along the wave of the initial inspiration.

In plain language this means:

Make a wish and check it twice and be inspired to add to your wish to increase its flow into manifestation. Find the reasons for its certainty and build this certainty along with your wish.
Use the mystical method of creation outlined above in even the most simple requests. Remember you are always at the perfect place and time for miracles to grow including this very now.


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