Friday, June 24, 2005

Mind and Will

Mind is the constructor. As such it is the hammer and the saw and indeed all of the tools of construction are contained by and utilized by mind. When mind produces images this is a specialized kind of construction akin to bringing in a subcontractor to put the electrical systems in place. The more detail that you place in your constructions by mind the more easily these constructions may find their place in your world around you. If mind is the constructor then what is Will.

Will is the muscle that holds the tool of Mind in place. Will tells the hammer to hit the nail and the frame of the construction to be square. Will focuses Mind. More directly put, Will holds Mind in place long enough so that Mind may experience the outcomes of its focusing. Will enables Mind to transcend the levels of time and space. Will empowers Mind in the first place to begin its construction acting then as the Master of Construction.

These are abstract concepts that we've lived with all of our lives. Sometimes we know them to be one thing and then another. The truth is that by analogy may we come to understand the process that works inside of us and learn about the way things work.

Why? Because chaos is not an alternative. We learn about the way things work because on some level we have experienced things working upon us and we want to know how we may get in line with the way things work. Another way of putting this is to say that we are seeking to be in harmony with the Will of God.

Once we say God we point to something that we cannot define. There is a purpose in contemplating this undefinable something. The purpose is to bring Mind back under the control of Will. By seeking God we look at the undefinable and come up with Will that is innate within our being.

In a very real sense we awaken Will by calling to it with Mind. Mind is the sheep and Will the shepherd.

Try this sometime. Start with an Intention. Example. I want to think about having a million dollars. You'll be on this subject and start enjoying yourself in the process and then minutes or hours later you remember your Intention and start to think about having a million dollars. What brings you back to your Intention. It is Will. Intention then is the statement of Will. It may also be seen as the direction of Will.

Remember that Will is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Each time you bring Will to bear upon Mind it makes it easier for Mind to stay focused. The more focus the greater the detail which will be shown. The more detail the sooner you will see the efforts of Mind in the material world. The Material or the Mind Stuff is that which is shaped by Mind through the efforts of Will. We talked about the shaping of clay and how it must be fired in the Kiln of Will. Notice how again by analogy we strengthen Minds attachment to Will.

Okay lets get practical. Mind is composed of the thoughts you are thinking, the thoughts that you think about anything. A single thought is representative of Mind as are a whole series of thoughts representative of Mind. Will is not exercising until you decide to change Mind into the image of your own making such as instead of thinking about what that person said to you just now you think about that million dollars or that new car you would like to have or the relationship that fulfills you or the work that you are meant to do. You. Once again You. Hello in there. I'm talking to You. This You is your eternal self. It only surfaces by its own efforts. Others in their ignorance may try and overshadow You, but You combined with Will, won't let them. You must be what you say you are.

If you are wondering what the purpose of learning Kabbalah is, the above lessons are pointing directly at this purpose in as direct a manner as can be achieved in these moments we are sharing. Assert You. Be You. The ancients used to say, 'Awake, Arise, Go Forth and Claim Your Kingdom.' In this morning before this Shabbat (my time PDT) I adjure you to do the same.

Many Blessings,

Mark Siet (JJ Slim)


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