Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Things to remember when studying Kabbalah--Expanded

One: Thought is produced because of a particular State of Mind

Your State of Mind is what you reach up into for thought. It is determined by the tendency of habitual thought and the effort of Will guide your thought into the right places in Mind. Do you feel good about yourself? That is State of Mind. Are you anxious? This too is State of Mind. When you are anxious State of Mind produces habitual pattern holding thoughts which do not arise in energy. When you are at peace within your thoughts rise to the level of infinity where all understanding and inspirations come from. Your State of Mind is the Garden into which you sow your seeds of awareness and out of which you bring forth that which you are seeking.

Two: Thoughts arrange themselves according to a Hierarchy of Thought

One thought leads to another. You only need determine in which direction the flow of thought is travelling. If it is travelling downward or into negativity we need to change the focus of our direction and aim higher so that when we are led by thought to the next thought it will be an arisen thought which then maintains our focus

Three: The goal of Mind is to attain a Harmony of Relationship within Thought.

Once you discover you are travelling in the correct or intended direction you establish a pattern of discovery which then leads to a certainty within. This certainty is the knowledge that what you are thinking about is in full harmony with what you would like to experience. This goes across the board so examine well the direction you are taking.

Four: The result of the Harmony of Relationship points to Stillness or the Place of Peace

Once you are satisfied with where you are in Mind you are able to attain a stasis whereby thought enters in now by the attraction of purpose which you yourself are maintaining. This attraction of purpose is like breathing in the good things that you want to experience. You are no longer troubled by doubts. Your world then becomes full of peace and when you listen for thought you are able to hear the stillness of thought.

Five: From this Place of Peace you arrive at a Certainty of Knowing.

Peace, stillness, attraction of purpose all go together with your Certainty of Knowing. What you know is that you understand the process and are in the middle of this process undertaken with full knowledge of the results you may expect to be immersed in. There is agreement. The river of Mind being straightened out of its curves now courses freely and smoothly on its way with you riding on a bed of Certainty.

Six: This opens up your heart leading to a sharing of this Certainty.

The natural result Certainty is the desire to share your good with others. Through your actions and life example you begin to show the truth of that Certainty and are filled with the energy of Certainty which communicates well to those in need of the same.

Seven: Then what is revealed is the Unlimited in all its Splendor. Words do not suffice in description.

What is revealed through this is connection. Our connection to each other and our connection to the infinite that surrounds us.

Eight: This assures your Mastery of Mind

Then the One moves within you with purpose unhindered by duality or doubt. You know what is happening and you allow it to happen realizing that you are both director and actor in this play that is unfolding. It is your conscious knowing that allows you to make the right decision.

Nine: Use this Mastery of Mind as the Foundation of your awareness

You now rely upon your inner strength and wisdom and see how this flows into your life. Every thought now is directed, even those thoughts that spring forth seemingly at random all have their unified purpose.

Ten: Touch that which you have seen in Mind and you complete the cycle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

As you look around you see the results of your meditation. Feel them. Touch them. Know them. Become them.


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