Saturday, July 09, 2005

Experiencing the Infinite

What is it that is all around you? Yes the Infinite. Lets speak of dimensions. The very word conjures up numerous possibilites all pregnant with the hopes and dreams that we all cherish and wish to explore in greater detail. Tradtional mind set asks you to choose this or choose that according to one set of rules or another. What if you could choose whatever you like whenever you like? What if the choices you make everyday are all okay because in the next moment everything will change and will change for the best? I ask you to consider not only what you do to get you where you want to go but also the range of Infinite possibities that await your slightest change of direction. Imagine for a moment that the world has just been painted before in a single glance right when you are thinking about something. This something then gets added to your world and has its effect on everything in it. Imagine that not only is this something added to your world but that it causes changes in the plants, birds,flowers and trees that surround you. It causes the rocks on the mountains to somehow be affected in their consciousness. In truth when you imagine any of this, all of the above circumstances do happen. Take a moment in your studies to think about the fact that you are not only what the world has produced in terms of a being in form but also that you are the creator of the forms which are filled by your being. Read that one a few times. There is an incredible secret contained in this. Kabbalistic writings postulate that there are 18,000 worlds which are composed of spirits and entities and planets and stars. I believe this number is very far from what the reality of being is all about. I would postulate that there are an infinite number of worlds, or creations that all of us take part in not only as actor but as director-producer as well. We hear terms such as spirit ,soul and God. We attempt to define the indefinable. Why? Because we seek to know. We are still eating of the Tree of Knowledge. What the experience of the Infinite is trying to show us is however how to eatfrom the Tree of Life. This Life is the embodiment of spirit. Your spirit then is placed into the things you want but not just the finite desire you have is filled. The entire world is filled is your spirit whenever you ask for a blessing, or pray for something that you want. When you ponder the wisdom of the ages you are telling your spirit to leave its earth bound ways of thinking and rise up into the highest levels that it can comfortably contemplate. You must think of yourself as an artist with Infinity of as your palette. Ironically this entire concept of inifinity may be summed up in a single word. One. See the world through your own eyes and take responsibility for what you see. In my book Thought Into Form I have story about world builders. They are arace of being who learn from birth how to build their own worlds,galaxies and universes. They are nonchalant about this because it has become second nature to them. It is not a short term goal we seek but the totality of forever which beckons our every thought filled action. When the pressures of everyday seem overwhelming remember that everything emanates from you. Your sense of being,your sense of nature, of time, and yes of God all emanate from the conception you have of all of these ideas. The only way you can know God is the accept God within yourself. How could you know something which isn't a part of your experience. That is why your experience of the Infinite is not far off and theoretical but is intimate and designed especially for your understanding exactly where you sit today. We talked before about accepting the Infinite and now it is experiencing the Infinite. It is consciousness raised to the level of yourself and the intimate nature that implies. When we are studying sacred works such as the Bahir or the Zohar keep this sense of the Infinite in mind because this is where all of these writing stem from and where they are pointing for us to go to in our own special way.


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