Monday, July 11, 2005

Directed Attention - Bahir 56

Direct your attention back to your Self. In a world full of enticements our attention in any given moment is usually out there. The consideration then becomes the other and not the self. This is a constant returning to that which is. What is that? You are that.

The last verse we studied verse 55 inadvertently contained verse 56. Let's consider verse 56 in the context mentioned above and in it Kabbalistic sense.

Bahir verse 56. They said to him: Up until now there are five. What comes next? He replied: First I will explain gold. What is gold? We learn that it is where justice emanates. If you bend your words to the right or left, you will be punished.

The five results from the fifth Sephiroth in the series, Gevurah or Justice. From Justice then does gold emanate. Gold is our inspiration and by our directed attention which means taking away our attention from distractions, we are able to be in the state of mind where inspirations enter freely. It is the energy of flowing that is being promoted here and the results of that flowing. When you do no flow with this energy then there is the concept of punishment which really should be seen as correction. Keep the energy in its path. When you veer to the right or left you dissipate the flow and grow weaker in both your ability to focus and your innate experience of bringing in the gold of inspiration. It is indeed this inspiration which keeps you on your chosen path.


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