Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Thoughts run through helping me to see my way clear to my heart's desire. There is no hesitation the way appears before in each moment. Everything then contributes to the manifestation and fulfillment of this heart's desire. The light that illumines your way is your intention because it will always reshape its course to find the way closest to your heart's desire.

Keep focused in the center of your own expression. In order to make it you must accept it and then live it.

Thoughts are moved by circumstance. This simply means that your ability to focus revolves around your intention to dismiss circumstance in order to resolve your thoughts into your heart's desire. Make it here and see it now. Consider the periphery as dissipating. Both sounds and sights fade equally from view. What is here for you is now for you as your expectation grows through turning away from one and turning towards the other.

Sharpen your focus to reawaken inside of the dream and fulfill it with the light of your understanding.


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