Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bahir Verse 156

The answer to this next puzzling verse is contained at the very end. It closes the deal so to speak and gives an indication of what lies beyond in the subsequent verses. Let's see what develops.

Bahir 156. What is the meaning of the verse (Isaiah 43:5) , "And from the west I will gather you"? [This means that "I will gather you"] from the attribute that always points to the west. Why is [west] called MaAReV ? Because it is there that all seed is mixed together (MitAReV) . What is this like? A king's son had a beautiful bride and he hid her in his chamber. He took riches from his father's house and constantly brought it to her. She in turn took everything, constantly put it away, and mixed it all together. Ultimately he seeks to see what he had gathered and accumulated. It is therefore written, "And from the west I will gather you." And what is his father's house? It is that regarding which it is written, "From the east I will bring your seed." This teaches us that it is brought from the east and sowed on the west. He then gathers what he has sowed.

Commentary: Thoughts of certainty are the precursors of the demonstration of certainty. It all begins within and continues on from this point. We are talking about the mind stuff here and how it flows from on state into another. You have to understand that what is happening to you is happening through you. This is the meaning of what is gathered. What can we gather within but the thoughts that we are thinking and the feelings that accompany them. We gather our thoughts as the king's son's beautiful bride gathered the treasures that the son gave to her. The Bride is the shekinah precursor to Binah in terms of sending forth all that is good into our world of being. We keep gathering thoughts and placing inside of our Father's house, inside of the place within where everything is enlivened by the light of inspiration and seeks expression through the various expressions of our heart's desire. The pathways to discovery always have signs that lead us along the way. These signs are called the way showers signs and what we gather from these directions are the truths that reveal to us in each moment to journey to our heart's desire. We keep saying yes to all of the riches that are shown to us so that we can make them our own. All of the actions that take place in these stories of the King, his son, his bride etc. all take place internally in the theatre of your mind.


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