Friday, June 30, 2006

Bahir Verse 149

The interplay of energies hidden and revealed is explained.

Verse 149. Rabbi Rahumai said: This teaches us that Israel had light. Torah is light, as it is written (Proverbs 6:23), "For a commandment is a lamp, Torah is light, [and the way of life is the rebuke of admonition]." And we say that a lamp is a commandment, illumination (Orah) Oral Torah, and light (Or) is the written Torah. [How can we then say that the Oral Torah is light (Or) ?] Because this light has already been kept, it is called light. What is this like? A room was hidden at the end of a house. Even though it is day, and there is bright light in the world, one cannot see in this room unless he brings along a lamp. The same is true of the Oral Torah. Even though it is a light, it needs the written Torah to answer its questions and explain its mysteries.

Commentary: The hidden light is the Oral Torah while the revealed light is the written Torah. The Oral Torah contained its purpose that is to be shared throughout the generations. It contains the energy of awakening that acts as a light to reveal the written Torah which although plain to see in the light of day still has the veil of literal meaning to penetrate through to. The Oral Torah is that which is received not just from teachers who tell you about this or that meaning but what you witness inside of yourself directly in response to your own particular comprehension of Torah. What the commandent shows is its inner nature shining true against the darkness of ignorance. The way of life proves the truth of Torah by providing ample opportunities for inspiration.


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