Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The place where you are coming from

The place that I have come from is where I must return to in order to remember where I am going according to my intention in the moment of my inspiration. If you ask yourself where you are coming from before you step into the unknown each day your steps will be guided by your meditations. These meditations then will form the background of your adventures and provide you with a context from which to understand the visions that will be presented to you throughout the day. These meditations are the difference between experiences that carry the deepest meanings and those experiences in which you are simply buffetted about by the superficialities of existence. It is the center therefore that we are speaking of here. This center may only be adhered to by your focus and deliberate letting go of the periphery no matter what enticements may be offered. Your focus is consciousness.

Consciousness in its fullest sense of discovery is a continous remembering where you are coming from. There cannot be any drifting. All thoughts like the ripples in a pond must come from the initiation of where you are coming from. If you want to make something happen make it happen within the paradigm of now. Promote your heart's desire to your heart's content. Your focus is only limited by your imagination and then your persistence. Every happy ending has come from someone choosing to start again even after 'all the odds' were not in their favor. Forget the odds they aren't about your life they are about the periphery and this is not where you will choose to live. It is therefore the center of your life that takes your command performances from. Everytime you can point to this center and remember to live there you will experience your heart's desire.

Leto-fil looked out at the horizon from the plateau he had climbed to reach for two days. His thoughts turned no mind. Soon he began to think about the valley below and found himself suddenly there surrounded by fountains of refreshing water looking at the beautiful sights all around him. They were of course familiar to him down to the most minute detail. His imagination had travelled here many times. It was at the moment that he chose to live inside of his imagination that his journey suddenly became surrounded by the actual substance of his vision. He thought, it is the way of things to become that which you are thinking about. The trick he told himself was to keep returning in earnest to those thoughts until they surrounded him and then transported him to the place wherein he found himself today.


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