Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bahir Verse 150

For once a clear pathway is described.

Verse 150. Rabbi Rahumai said: What is the meaning of the verse (Proverbs 6:23) , "And the way of life is the rebuke of admonition"? This teaches us that when a person accustoms himself to study the Mystery of Creation and the Mystery of the Chariot, it is impossible that he not stumble. It is therefore written (Isaiah 3:6) , "Let this stumbling be under your hand." This refers to things that a person cannot understand unless they cause him to stumble. The Torah calls it "the rebuke of admonition," but actually it makes one worthy of "the way of life." One who wishes to be worthy of "the way of life" must therefore endure "the rebuke of admonition."

Commentary: This verse speaks about the degreee of focus which must be brought to bear upon our Torah studies. We stumble because we can only take in a part of this undestanding piece by piece. We learn from our errors in thinking. When one door is closed another on beckons. This is how we may continue to seek the light. First by knowing that it is there despite our stumblings and second by dusting ourselves off after we fall moving forward again with renewed determination.


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