Monday, July 17, 2006

Bahir Verse 151

There is a twist in here. One has to be careful when the roads turns abruptly. Our vision may become blurred. The correction must be offered here. Lets see what develops.

Verse 151. Another explanation: "Life" is the Torah, as it is written (Deuteronomy 30:19), "And you shall choose life." It is furthermore written (Deuteronomy 30:20) , "For it is your life and your length of days." If one wants to be worthy of it, he should reject physical pleasure and accept the yoke of the commandments. If he is afflicted with suffering, he should accept it with love. He should not ask, "Since I am fulfilling the will of my Maker and am studying the Torah each day, why am I afflicted with suffering?" Rather, he should accept it with love. Then he will be completely worthy of the "way of life." For who knows the ways of the Blessed Holy One? Regarding all things, one must therefore say, "Righteous are You, O God, and Your judgement is fair. All that is done from heaven is for the good."

Life is the Torah and it is the study of Torah which is the study of the raison d'etre for life. Torah and its study produces a way within that we may follow in our thoughts both outer and inner. This way within can be likened to a vibration of a crystal that imbues all resonant frequencies with its particular pattern. It is this pattern that we are trying to return to and that is the reason why we spend any time whatsoever in contemplation. We meditate in order to not only reproduce the pattern that has been shown by the words of Torah, we meditate in order to in fact transcend these words. This transcendence allows us both the integration and the leap of faith necessary to describe the meanings that are being given expressly for our own enlightenment. Yes 'it is the life and the length of your days' because by extending your participation and immersion in this advanced pattern of awareness everything is made whole. Now be careful because this next part is definitely a blind (meant to put the reader off the track just in case the reader is profane). One does not have to accept suffering in the sense that we agree with it. Nothing could be further from the truth. This point of the ancient and not so ancient Kabbalists speaks to an inability to think outside of the box. The box is the status quo and this status quo is not brought about by the holy one blessed be but by the actions of man in his lack of understanding. Yes we should embrace life and be thankful for it but we should also be aware that in the midst of our illness there is healing. We must learn to pay attention to the holiness we seek and then find it inside. That is where we find the 'way of life.'


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