Monday, July 24, 2006

The totality of being

Listening is the key to all spiritual endeavors. Kabbalah teaches us to listen in a very special way. Through Torah study and self study we are given clues to the way our awareness operates both day to day and in the long term views of human history. Always there is the question of what do we listen for?

A simple yet complex answer is that we listen always for our life's purpose. Why are we here and how can we make things better given the talents and opportunities that we have? Kabbalah gives us a distinct method of inquiry. It teaches us that our questions do not go unanswered. It shows us how to rise above the common thoughts and see the world and our lives from the vantage point of totality. Totality cannot be taught but must be experienced. Totality recognizes the Incomprehensible and allows us to act from this vantage point. Think about this Totality how all things are connected whenever you are pondering any of the deeper questions. As with everything you get to make of it what you will. That is the beauty of the process of Modern Kabbalah. It takes us deeper without losing us in a maze of symbols piled upon symbols. It strives to place meanings in front of these symbols so that clarity is supreme. Yes it is true that the symbols represented by the Hebrew letters are a very important focal point they are not the end all or be all. We can digest meanings that we make our own. The same is true for the Sephiroth and their various associations. When these are explained we try as well to separate the meanings from their symbolic icons. We are at all times speaking the language of meaning refering back to symbols for a point of reference but we must always move on from these symbols to explain their relevant meanings.

I think of Kabbalah as a miner's light that searches the depths for the precious stones. Then using refining this light even further reveals the minute details which speak directly to our inner being connecting us with the totality of being. I encourage everyone reading here to make their own inquiries using this subject matter as a springboard to search their own questions finding their own answers. Like ripples in a pond the waves of meaning never stop flowing as long as we keep wanting to know what is going on.


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