Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bahir 152 Heart's Desire Tiphereth

The sixth Sephiroth Click here for a great site to explain some of the Kabbalistic Symbols is called Tiphereth known as Beauty or as we see in this verse 'the Crown of the Blessed Holy One.'

152. You said [that the sixth one was] His Throne. Have we then not said that it is the Crown of the Blessed Holy One? We have said, "Israel was crowned with three crowns, the crown of priesthood, the crown of royalty, and the crown of Torah above them all." What is this like? A king has a pleasing, beautiful vessel and he was very fond of it. Sometimes he placed it on his head ­ this is the Tefillin worn on the head. At other times he carried it on his arm ­ in the knot of the Tefillin worn on the arm. Sometimes he lend it to his son so that it should remain with him. Sometimes it is called His Throne. This is because He carries it as an amulet on His arm, just like a throne.

Commentary: The essence of this verse explains that Tiphereth may be seen in three ways depending upon how and where we are looking at it. Above all it is called a crown. What is this crown? It is the sum total of the focus of our awareness. This awareness is what we have been talking about all along namely the 'heart's desire' that our thoughts promote as the pinnacle of our attention. Our thoughts may stray and go far afield but they are always brought back to this central focus of attention. Each time we return our focus to our heart's desire we build what is equivalent to voltage in a capacitor. In order words our thoughts through compression produce the outworkings of our heart's desire connecting with the Unfathomable to produce the resonance of reflection culminating in the demonstrations of these heart's desires. The Bahir speaks in terms of the King because this King is alluding always to that which sends forth the images of awareness each day. Once again we cannot comprehend the majesty of this King yet we may describe within ourselves the actions that we are prompted to do by the inspirations we receive from this King. All must relate to the King as all relate to the holy One. You see the Holy One is the unity that is expressed in the SHMA Link to the SHMA.
The SHMA is another crown that we wear when we seek unity and behold our heart's desire.

As the lightning flash or Tzimzum issues forth from Kether the energy is increasing refined and goes through levels of attainment symbolized by each of the Sephiroth. In Tiphereth this energy is distinctly colored with our heart's desire directly pointing out our soul's purpose. Stand away from the symbol of the Tree of Life Link to Tree of Life
for a moment and visualize what happens as thoughts flow in and through you. The entire purpose of Modern Kabbalah is for your integration with this flowing power coursing through you in order to help you to realize that this power may be shaped into the fashion of your own heart's desire.


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