Friday, August 18, 2006

From the Wisdom Lectures 23- The Template of Understanding

We are thinking moving making centers of consciousness. We work within time yet stand outside of time being able to both remember our actions and anticipate those very actions in the future. Each time we have a thought it takes the primordial mind stuff and shapes it into something like a wave being propagated on a clear lake under the stillness of moonlight. These waves roll until they subside as others follow in their wake. The key to all successful makings that reproduce themselves in kind is the persistent effort of refining the resonance of these waves. Once a wave has been sent out it may only be affected by sending a similar wave out in subsequent imaginings. These following waves cause resonance with the first or primary wave that is already subsiding on its way to the shore. Resonance causes a sympathetic action in the energy field of the dissipating waves that unites all similar sendings into a more powerful vibratory field. It is this field of vibration that occurs internally which will then radiate in the world to produce its image. Once the image is physically established it will go on producing this image long after there aren't any more succeeding waves of thoughts in kind. We cause ripples by our attention. When we then remove our focus these ripples fade. If however we continue to ripple those thoughts in succesive waves of intention they cannot fail to reproduce themselves. It is critical to continue and to not allow doubts to become a corresponding wave of dissipation or interference. Many causes are lost because competing causes either cancel them out or take away from the energy of their transmission. It is this persistent effort that propagates success in any field no matter what the odds are.

Herein has been given the template of understanding. This template may be used over and over again to achieve the ends you wish to achieve. It is only thought and thought may be changed or modified to suit the particular environmental tastes you want to be surround by. What you want is real and cannot be denied. The world is totally malleable. You aren't just consciousness contained in a shell of matter you are rather connected to all consciousness that is at all times working through matter to express the particular artistic design of the moment. All of us participate simultaneously in this ongoing exercise. The purpose in fact of revealing this information is to awaken within each and every one of you that pathway to your own fulfillment. Why? Because we are all in this together. When one awakens all awaken in varying degrees. The varying part of this simply refers to the time related understandings that blossom each according to the dictates of their own will to receive and their own intention to give. This is the meaning of the expression in the Tanach that speaks of entering the ark two by two, or in the New Testament where it is said that whenever two are called in his name the kingdom of heaven is opened. Heaven is here and now and open to all of us eternally. Look beyond the status quo and become filled with what could be. What could be is everything that you can think of to ask for. Bob Dylan had it right. The Times they are a changing. There is a Jazz Fusion group whose name says it all, Return to Forever. My favorite one however, is what my drummer Cheech and I would talk about, that is, 'Get In The Groove.' The Groove becomes after a while your persistent effort. It is only then that the true reflection of your life will become meaningful to you and you will realize truly the grand adventure you are on.


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