Monday, August 28, 2006

Bahir 157-158

It is time to lose our safety net of reason and simply go from our single highest point of connection. These next two verses are confusing. It is one of those 'you had to be there' in order to understand it. Still something does come through and it is that we will address.
157. What is the eighth one? The Blessed Holy One has a single Righteous One (Tzadik) in His world, and it is dear to Him because it supports all the world. It is the Foundation (Yesod). This is what sustains it, and makes it grow, increasing and watching it. It is beloved and dear on high, and beloved and dear below; fearsome and mighty on high, and fearsome and mighty below; rectified and accepted on high, and rectified and accepted below. It is the Foundation of all souls. Did you then say that it is the eighth? And do you say that it is the Foundation of all souls? Is it then not written (Exodus 31:17), "And on the seventh day He rested and souled"? Yes, it is the seventh. This is because it decides between them. There are six, and three are below and three above, and it decides between them.

Commentary: We begin with 'what is the eighth one?' Then foundation is mentioned. Foundation is the ninth one right? Sometimes they start numbering from Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Judgement, Beauty, Splendor, Victory and then Foundation and lastly Kingdom. Leaving out Keter the crown this would seem right, however why or how should we know to number in this way. The context is taken out so that in this conversation that has been ongoing we now no longer see the thread or do we? One possible explanation is that we are entering another dimension. What is this Foundation of Victory. (Each Sephiroth can be seen as having an entire tree of life derive from its branches.) Also why is creation mentioned including the seven days and the souled and rested? Very curious. Okay let go of your reason here we go. What is more beloved than your heart's desire? What happens to your thoughts about and including the central core of your heart's desire? These thought rise up and then relate to each other through the beloved and mighty on high through the aspects the sustaining force of Foundation which is none other than the particular focus that you have been working on keeping your consciousness centered upon. Within this center of consciousness you are able to witness from afar at first and then closer with each cycle of awakening the actual goings on of creation as seen from the sphere of the deep within. How does creation come about? Listen carefully now a great secret is being revealed. It says

'It is beloved and dear on high, and beloved and dear below; fearsome and mighty on high, and fearsome and mighty below; rectified and accepted on high, and rectified and accepted below. It is the Foundation of all souls.' Wow.

The process is being explained that calls into play our thoughts and their functionality throughout the cycle of manifestatation. First 'beloved and dear on high.' Once thoughts unify they are able to stand on their own. Doubts can no longer sway or influence them. These so unified thoughts are beloved on high they are accepted on high. They have permeated the mind stuff where the inner awareness meets the all awareness. Then these thoughts become what is so by means of reflection where they are beloved and dear below or in their cycle of perfect manifestation. Now right after this it talks about the foundation of all souls. What is a soul if not the indwelling central core or heart's desire surrounded by the manifestation of that heart's desire? Then we find that the foundation is what decides between them meaning between the three above and the three below. The three above refers to the cycle of becoming from Beauty, Splendor and Victory. If we center then on Beauty we have the three below. There is movement here defying reason in terms of explanations. So too do our thoughts move in their own inexplicable ways. What is being brought out here is that there has to be a place to shove off from. Here it is called Foundation and becomes the central core for the above and the below. It also must be a place to return to. This is further alluded to in the next verse.

158. Why is it called the seventh? Is it then the seventh? It is not. But it is because the Blessed Holy One rested on the Sabbath with the attribute regarding which it is written (Exodus 31:17), "For six days God made the heaven and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and souled." This teaches us that each day has a Saying that is its Master. This is not because it was created on that day, but because that is when it does the task to which it was assigned. Each one does its task and maintains its activities. The seventh day therefore comes and does its task, making them all rejoice. Not only that, but it also causes their souls to grow, as it is written, "on the seventh day He rested and souled."

Commentary: The verse states that 'each day has a Saying that is its master.' This is a deep insight. In order to come close to opening this door we have to refer to our subconscious mind the receptacle of all of our affirmations and feelings about everything we think about what is going on in our life. The process of unfoldment is being explained and none too obscurely is it presented. The idea of the Seven days including the day of rest refers to the sequencing of events or thoughts that take place across the levels of our understanding. These levels of understanding are directly tied into the Sephiroth. Nothing takes place without which it includes a soul or fundamental reason for being. Knowledge included in the energy of awakening translates itself across these energy spheres and as they reach the point of being that is described herein they undergo a transformation of consciousness from the imaged into the actual.
Things and events work themselves out on another level that is not immediately accessible to our everyday mind. When in the midst of such happenings we can only praise the creator and look with awe on this process.


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