Friday, June 17, 2005

Bahir 49 - One voice above all

There is a further explanation of seven voices and three sayings which also allude to the sephiroth, the seven as we have said are the lower seven and the three the supernal triad or the first three sephiroth. In verse 49 a deeper understanding is commented upon. Let's go to the commentary to reveal some light.

'49. Another explanation: It was so that the world should not say that since there were ten sayings for ten kings, it might be that He could not speak for them all through one. He therefore said (Exodus 20:2), "I am [the Lord you God]," which included all ten. What are the ten kings? They are the seven voices and three sayings (Amarim). What are the sayings? [They are the ones alluded to in the verse] (Deuteronomy 26:18) "God has said for you today." "What are the three? [Two are mentioned in the verse] (Proverbs 4:7), "The beginning is Wisdom: acquire Wisdom, with all your acquisition, acquire Understanding." It is thus written (Job 32:8), "The soul of Shaddai gives them Understanding." The soul of Shaddai is what gives them Understanding. What is the third one? As the old man said to the child, "What is hidden from you, do not seek, and what is concealed from you, do not probe. Where you have authority, seek to understand, but you have nothing to do with mysteries."

The ten Kings are the ten sephiroth. Where we talk about 'the beginning is Wisdom, reference Chokmah the 2nd sephiroth along with Binah the third sephiroth. Remember Sephiroth are energy centers, points of conscious awareness that flow from on into another. Shaddai means almighty or all sufficiency. What does this mean in terms of our new Kabbalah method of referencing mind in all things. It is this. You have the capacity to connect at all times. This capacity is a direct result of your intention and your identification with I am. This I am is you. It is what you call yourself and how you identify the best you have. It is the pearl or the shining essence of you that cannot be hidden no matter what circumstances have forced upon you. The verse above goes on and tells the child not to look for things he doesn't understand. The child in this case is the person who does not not that there are indeed answers to his questions. When by his intention and his seeking he gains the 'authority' as mentioned above then there can be answers to mysteries. The inference here is that you do not have the authority to call upon your connection to appear within you if you do not realize it is there in the first place. The biggest hurdle we have in studying and applying spiritual work is to make ourselves into a vehicle of spirituality. This vehicle operates on the principle of your your true self. Every day recognize the best that you have and then make your connection. Know that you can connect with the infinite within you and that this infinite may then speak through you using your voice and working within your life experiences. Lets look at the verse in (Deuteronomy 26:18)

"And the LORD hath avouched thee this day to be His own treasure, as He hath promised thee, and that thou shouldest keep all His commandments;

Listen to this verse carefully in light of what we have been revealing all along. The Lord is your inmost self and is what I call above your true self, your best self. It is this true self that contains all of your treasures and this is why the 'Lord takes thee to be his own treasure.'' Of course your best self takes care of you and wants only the best for you. The best are your treasures. The voices of hope and exultation which ring inside of you and tell you that yes you can make it and yes your life can be totally wonderful are what you are being promised by 'the best in you.' The only commandment-read saying here or suggestion, is the one which tells you to remember this inmost self and to praise it. Praise is our way of simple recognition of that which is good. We draw down therefore the holiness from above into our waiting awareness and work within this holiness for all manner of good including miracles. Remember that the one voice we are listening for is our own highest voice. This is the Lord speaking within us and guiding us with the above wisdom and understanding.

Until next time,

Many Blessings.


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