Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More voices - Bahir 48

We continue in verse 48 by going deeper into the meanings of the voices which were heard. One voice, seven voices and three voices. Let's see what our commentary can bring to light about this

'48. One verse (Exodus 20:15), states, "and all the people saw the voices." Another verse, however, (Deuteronomy 4:12) states, "The voice of words you heard." How can [the two be reconciled]? At first they saw the voices. What did they see? The seven voices mentioned by David. But in the end they heard the word that emanated from them all. But we have learned that there were ten. Our sages taught that they were all said with a single word. But we have said that there were seven. There were seven voices. Regarding three of them it is written (Deuteronomy 4:12) , "The voice of words you heard, but you saw no form, only a voice." This teaches us that they were all said with a single word. This is so that Israel should not make a mistake and say, "Others helped him. It might have been one of the angels. But His voice alone could not be so powerful." It was for this reason that he came back and included them [in a single word]."

If there were one voice to hear that one voice would speak one word "Listen." This means to listen for the highest voice, the one that is clear and does not emanate from a lower form of speaking such as the voice which berates you, or puts you down or the voice which tells you to do something that is wrong for you. We are all familiar with those voices. This familiarity we can make work in our favor. It can cause us to pause this unpleasant voice and say, 'you know what I recognize this voice and frankly I do not think this voice has ever brought me anywhere that I would like to go. Let me then 'listen' for the higher voice so that I may become familiar with it and know it so that I can replace my lower voice with this higher voice."

Simply put I recognize my thoughts and determine to do something about them. I intend to act on reaching up for my higher voice. I do not just say it but I begin to use the knowledge that I am learning about Kabbalah. What is this knowledge? It is the knowledge that I am always capable of changing my mind at a moment's notice. It is the knowledge that I can choose to feel my connection right here and right now. It is the certainty that once I make this connection I will make it easier for myself the next time around when I am seeking to change my mind.

The verse above talks about seeing the voices. When we see voices we are seeing the images our mind makes up. These images that we can see are the ones represented by the Sephirot. The seven voices are the lower seven of the Tree of Life.

Gevurah - Chesed

The three voices are the supernals of the first three sephirot Keter-Chokmah-Binah.

What is the purpose of seeing these voices or of seeing their representation as in the Sephiroth of Kabbalah?

A symbol can contain many meanings and be a repository for meanings. Think of each sephioth in this way and then think of the wealth of information that is stored in each one. Each sephiroth is a like an endless memory chip which stores the information that you learn about it each time you study it. It isn't like you study these sephiroth and then get it. It is a continuing process. It is also a convenient way to think about this kind of knowledge. Call it a shorthand of information processing because that is what it really is.

How does this help me with my problems?

Each answer you find is a part of this diagram of study. When you look at the sephiroth and consider the various meanings such as Wisdom and Understanding this begins to open those areas within you. You learn by focusing your attention.

Above in the verse it says 'the voice of words you heard but saw no form only a voice.' This is how you learn. Even when you do not use the sephiroth or other spiritual symbols you can still access the higher energy of communication by having the intention to connect with this energy and having the intention you succeed in opening within your self a doorway into that energy that widens the more your intention focuses upon this energy and the opening doorway it brings about.

The last part of which talks about Israel and the importance of recognizing that it is His voice that you are hearing means this. Who is His voice? Yes it is God, but more easily understood as the Highest Voice, a voice that you connect with and make your own. You identify with this higher voice and make it your own. Then you accept this highest voice as your own and become one with it. That is the purpose then of all of these voices being talked about. It is to bring you the experience of communion, of connection and oneness with the highest voice.

This highest voice is not something apart from you but it is your voice, your higher voice and yes this very voice is your soul.


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