Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Alchemy IX

  • Those who know anything do not need to hide behind their secrets.
    Nature shares her truths with us freely and not obscurely.
    The chemist works their art with intention for its part.
    The philosopher witnesses the fire in the stone.

  • Each is awakening to discovery, making the unknown known.
    The path always lies directly ahead of us.
    We who labor in love point the way in light.
    Each day is the perfect way to make it right.

  • There is no point in anger or frustration.
    It detracts from your direction.
    Allow others their greatest invention.
    Mine the gold from every confection.

  • Of this we intimate those things unseen.
    Descriptions are what they really mean.
    No encompassing can come upon,
    the natural reality of Thoth his wisdom song.

  • There are no secrets of that I remain sure.
    When once envisioned the purest matter cures.
    Strike not at faceless spirits who all remain true
    to their art in time and tempest seeing through.

  • What remains that can be told is this.
    I am that I am. I become what I put forth.
    I change what I transform in time.
    My rhythm seeks stillness in bliss.

  • Many alchemists and philosophers complete the work.
    They just haven't told the world about it.
    Philosophy the work in mind. Completed it is union with the Eternal
    Alchemy the work in body. Completed it is Immortality.

  • You cannot ironically have one without the other.
    The Immortals walk amongst us every day.

  • Some question others hiding their knowledge and then go on to hide their own

  • The philosophers would say "know yourself," know your own mind. Questions
    about what others know or do not know misses the point. It only
    matters what you know, what you are certain about. Certainty is and doesn't
    have to make a case for itself.

  • Here is what I know.
    My thoughts take form.
    I work with nature, the earth, sun, sky and sea,
    the elements all they set me free.

  • Free to be exactly who I want to be from moment to moment throughout

  • I take the sun, the energy of life and use it to distill the sea waters
    creating the essence of my clay or first matter.
    This I then mix in the air
    which creates a current into which the direction of my intention aligns
    itself with magnetic forces inside the earth.
    Next I produce the holy
    sound or the Om, or call it the tuned vibration running through the octave
    according to the feeling of the wind on my skin. The vibrations go
    through the octave in various intervals, usually 1 4 5 7 8 (1) Three
    courses back and forth. The next day the forms of my intention appear.
    Some parts are not complete so I must send along another wave of momentum.
    Then gradually it completes and I am on to something else.

  • What happens is this. Dimensions shift, worlds coalesce. The vibrations
    go on forever which allows these dimensions to remain open. I accept my
    rest or the pause into which I insert the essence of my being. Then I
    reflect. Once again I am that I am.

  • Now your turn.

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