Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Alchemy VI

I think we are much closer than we realize.
we are at that place of integration.
What is most amazing is that we have arrived unknowingly.
This places an unseen hand in the works which then becomes the work.

It is the unexpected turning that is the catalyst opening up the doors
here. The steeple, the encapsulation, the striking of the rod on the stone
to produce the spring lead in the same direction.

We are finding out that like the Magician in the Tarot all power is
transformed by the hand pointing heavenward, and the other hand towards the
earth. We are the transmutation of the divine substance.

Is there an actual philosphers stone? The "real stone?" My answer is really a question to all here.
What are you seeking? What power do you wish to master? What proofs are
you going to accept as the answer to these two questions?

Let me go first and answer these two questions and then the third one
about proofs.

1) I am seeking integration, the transmutation of thought into form, the
place in mind where unity and manifest being are one. This changes from day
to day but the certainty of its eternal nature never does change.
2) The power I am learning to master is that of 'listening to the one
voice." It is in this attention that I learn all things there are to be
learned just by listening. It is an antenna I place before me tuning to the
station of all power.
3)Proofs I witness by seeing that which I have been thinking about appear
in its various forms in my life. Then there are the permutations which I
too take part in. I storm, I wind, I grow, I transform, I give birth, I
die, I burn, I am cooled. I am lifted up and I fall down only to rise
In all of these things I am still the one. My attention and focus never
waver. There are times of illusion but they are less and less because this
attention moves me to clarity of vision.

To summarize in a sentence. What I seek is the unity of my attention
which teaches me the life of clarity.

For you I direct this. Complete this unity of head and heart. Raise your
thoughts to the emotional equivalent of ecstasy. LOVE WHAT YOU THINK. Do
this by repeated visualization of that which you want whatever it may be.
Experience having the thing itself. Practice. We are all world builders
don't you know.


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