Monday, November 15, 2004

Alchemy VIII

Blinds. You'll find them in every Alchemical Text.
They are deliberate attempts to obscure the truth.
Symbols are substituted for plain speech.
Recognize that those who obscure cannot know when they are trying to hide what they know.

The truth is to be shared. It grows only in this way.
A true master speaks the most profoundly simply.
She doesn't obscure her words for they are born in her the moment she speaks them.
Her truth is in the beauty of her expression which always rings true.

In Alchemy some secrets cannot be given outright.
The claim is that the profane or uninitiated isn't worthy or ready.
Time and preparation are stressed.
Long involved processes must be undertaken.

Levels of achievement must be recognized.
Everyone is in school.
It is time to turn all of this around. School is out.
Children. Think your world into being.

Do you need a recognized authority for every inspiration you have?
Must you second guess your own mind to validate the truth that is born in you?
No. Absolutely not.
Alchemy is the birth in the moment of that which is forever alive.

It is time for a revolution of the mind.
Take back your freedom.
Never give it up to anyone for anything.
If you want to learn listen and be inspired.

One truth is there for all.
You are here to listen and learn.
Learn to shape the mind stuff well.
Give yourself a good outcome everytime.

Think for yourself.
Do not agree with guilt.
Guilt fetters the mind and opposes free thought.
Guilt does not come naturally but must be placed there by an outside source.

The clouds arise to cool the fires from above.
Through the mist the rays of light shine clearly.
Along the path a hummingbird sings.
Your smile to fly on light filled wings.

The sword it turns and flashes by
while thoughts transform the inner eye.
A note it sounds from far and near
as thrills embrace our inner ear.

She awakens to a brand new day.
Every moment her birth cycle continues
In that first fresh glow of inspiration all of life is contained.
Witness this inside of you. Let it ever abide in you.


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