Monday, November 08, 2004

Alchemy V

The thing that I have found I have found inside myself.
Of what is this that I have made that has been made?
It is my simple understanding only available in the moment of crystalization.
I look where none can see.

Around corners.
Through windows transparent and shimmering.
It all comes back to me.
This more than anything I know.

I could never forget for I have taught myself to remember.
Paracelsis walked right through me in a time long since gone.
My discoveries talked to me and I was lifted up.
How many times have I been here before?

It doesn't matter because I am continually becoming.
That in itself should give you every clue.
Don't read between these lines but rather in front of or behind them.
Self discovery is just that.
What works for one sometimes cannot be translated especially when the arcane tablets are used.

These writings they arise from the inner surface which bends itself to the will of the maker.
You who would be maker prepare your own transformations.
All this art from Egypt did depart and made its way into the rivers
which nourished and opened the sacred name.

Seek you understanding then transfer meaning to allegory.
Make straight the way to kindle the effulgent flame.
Did you not know that the voice it speaks of its own will?
Our training can be no more than as listeners to each transpiring vision.

The ancient spoke in their mystic tongues and many try to separate their meanings.
The secret stone to translate their tome was corded in transparent inquiry.
Magic words are these that work their wonders because of a hint here or there.
Time and timing concur there was no error, only a far ch
asing towards the end of a precipice.

As the Turba states that airs are all that is between things and out their confluence everything is mended and sent upon its way.
Always there are intimations, glimmers of things that perhaps you are missing, things that needed be added or taken away.
Pursue these all in shelters call but awaken one day to find the way that is said is more important than what it is that is said.

These words obscure but often cure the unexpected wisdom of a naive babe.
The trick ah the trick is subtly suggest and then pull away.
This is the drawing power used so magnificently after the light was born.
It comes in response to this inquiry as in all things curiosity rules to conform its way.

Today I declare it. Today it is mine. Today the turnstiles move aside and another world is made.

The stone? Look you now to your own orbit. It can only be made from the inside out, just as we are made from moment to moment.

The tide changes now and I depart.


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