Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Alchemy VII

Along the way the purpose is revealed, this much I can tell you.
Travel these paths of innocence and become the revealer of self.
There are no obstacles to this revelation. Once begun, it must be won.
The truth of your mind is that which you find after all the dust has settled.

Quiet times within reflect the inner beauty.
The flowing force of love rides upon these clear waters.
The understanding that you seek is there each moment
as discovery leads to the keys to the kingdom.

Reflection has been called many things even the result of a process of art.
In truth there is but one reflection and that is by the way we look and what we see.
There then is moment that you have called into being.
I laugh at the joy that accompanies such feelings of awakening.

You can tell that I've been at this a long time.
It seems however like it was only yesterday I tossed my eyes into the clouds.
There revealed in heavens words were the substance and meaning of my life.
At such a vision the mind cannot comprehend less remember exactly what just happened.

It comes back to me now that what was being revealed was my way to be and everything I was to go after.
I was in pursuit for so long that at times I overran my goal.
Now I keep pace with it by stopping a while for this reflection.
It comes up to me and sniffs my nose like a cat will do with its mate.

Look into the sky today or tonight.
It doesn't matter when.
See yourself and the panorama of your thinking.
It is awesome there before you the clouds of meaning, the clarity of open stretches.

Listen during this time.
There is a special sound you are going to hear.
It will remind you of your synthesis with all that is.
You will tell it that yes you remember and the moment will go on forever.

Alchemy is concerned with the making of an Elixir according Bacon,
which cast upon an imperfect substance does perfect that substance.
It speaks of metals and infusions and processes all the outer workings of elemental forces.
I must tell you that this seeking without is the long way around.

It is like being asked to go to the ocean by travelling upstream.
Sure you will learn much this way about the nature of things and eventually figure out that the ocean lies in the opposite direction. Some may say that finding the ocean isn't the goal; that it is the journey with which we are to be concerned. I would not argue that. However at this point of the journey I know in which direction the ocean lies and I long to be there on its shores enjoying the wonder of this complete discovery.

Here at the ocean where the earth meets the sea every kind of transformation takes place.
There are representations of all the things my mind has revealed.
More there discoveries there for the asking.
The answer is knowing that I have arrived and accepting this.

Then all of nature must respond to any request I make of it.
I thought I was following it all this time.
It seems now that it was following me and trying to get me to pay attention to it so that it could catch up with me.
It is a sigh of relief now that I experience along with the freshness of the ocean's air.


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