Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Alchemy II

It is in my mind that there is only one thing that we can work on, improve or educate. This one thing is our relationship to that which we are. We can call it I am or inner being, or soul or spirit. The symbols must in the end give way to the truth of our complete recognition that yes there is this connection we have within. This connection is inspired by nature because it is nature that reflects the truth of this connection.

"As above so below......." What you envision will appear before you in kind. Learn to recognize the signs as in watching the clouds.

We stand in the sun recognizing the eternal principle which animates our being.

This external sun relates directly to the central sun of our "spirit." The sun above connects directly with the sun below or within in this case. Reference the 1st Principle of the Kabbalistic tree connecting with the principle of goodness or beauty. These two combine together to produce the principle of earth or malkuth-kingdom from this same tree. Here is where it could be said that "it descends again to earth."

I think in terms of what this leads to is that we are referring directly to how the spirit moves throughout the body (the earth) and what these movements portend in terms of our life experiences.

Where planets are mentioned they refer to orbits of energy, or fields of energy that are produced by corresponding states of mind. These states of mind may be subtle or gross and may be used accordingly.

Mercury - Abstract thought
Venus - receptive feelings of love which both radiate and transform
Mars - the intention, the will, the direct knowing, the force which moves always forward with purpose
Jupiter - Joyful expansive expression, Venus elevated to the next level.
Saturn - Restrictive - time bound - pulsating as in rhythmic - the groove of higher wisdom or mercury raised on high.

Man is the actor. Spirit moves in various orbits according to the emotional state of being which is being portrayed. "It ascends from earth to heaven.........." Here we embody or act out the emotion of lifting ourselves up. We in effect raise our spirit by providing the emotional pathways for spirit to travel along. In doing so we achieve the level of exaltation. It is a combination emotionally of excitement and anticipation. We take these feelings from the earth and transmute them through our center or heart of our being and introduce it into our higher awareness. Thus the below is raised on high. Then in a state of exaltation the forms of our thought are imbued with this essence or dew. At the moment of saturation the this dew now being transformed "descends again to earth." This is the second transformation. The third is in the receiving of the "power of the inferiors and of the superiors." In other words the process of initiation produces birth-death-rebirth ---------All of this takes place as a spiritual exercise which is why at the end of the tablet "therefore am I called Hermes Trimesgistus............Hermes the thrice born, or mind or the process of thinking in a special manner which engenders the triple transformation.

(This entire experience can be acted out through rituals or symbolic actions. You can stand in the sun and resonate with the moon. The bottom line is the same. You are acting to raise your thoughts into an exalted state of mind--this much is evidently clear in all of the writings. However this same process can be understood as follows)

This entire process takes place within. Kundalini the serpent force or rather the wisdom energy rises in response to thoughts directed on high. The ancients maxim to "Know thyself" pertained very much to paying attention to our internal processes.

This kundalini force is the light within. The "sun is its father." Sunshine contains the lifeforce which we take in through our skins, and our breath. It is the "prana" spoken of in eastern practices of yoga.
You can as well move this energy of life by imaging. Think of something you want. Feel the satisfaction of achieving or acquiring this something, even as in perfecting your stone. What happens as a result of these actions:

You achieve thought into form. You recognize the entire chain of consciousness which has brought this about. Therefore you can bring forth this realization within whenever you choose to. This is how the base metal is turned into gold. The base metal is what you begin with. Your mind without intervention. When you begin to raise your thoughts to exaltation the gold of the ancients is achieved. In this way every good thing may be realized.

This works completely. It doesn't just seem to work or have the illusion of working. Verifiable results may be achieved time and again. It truly then becomes mind over matter.


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