Friday, November 12, 2004

What Lies Within

I am here in the first part of your being after the mind begins rest and find peace.
I walk within along the many pathways of soul and find myself through invention.
The feelings that you have within are the lights that guide me along the way.
I trust in you that I will not be led astray. Yes it is I that trust in you.

Place your state of being exactly where you want it to be.
Visualize your highest purpose. Soar with the thoughts of the best that you can do.
Rise above your own reflections and be carried by the inner being of love that resides within you.
Move with the passion of every wonderful idea you've ever had.

Think again my companion to thrill to the awakening of your highest vision.
It really is just the thought of you that inspires and moves me to rejoice.
For I know that even this whisper of meaning leads always to a greater truth.
It is the sun and stars and moon and every universe discovered and experienced all within.

Since I direct my attention along the ways of feeling, foster the feelings inside that you would have me follow.
Common sense dictates the maintaining of feelings of joy and fulfillment.
I will help you in this by verifying these feelings with demonstrations of their power.
I will also remind you to return ever so gently to your focus when the mind pulls you aside.


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