Friday, November 05, 2004

Alchemy III

     We may see the results of our inner synthesis by its effect on our bodies or on the body of nature that we live and breathe in. Many times have I experienced realization within and then walked out into a sky clear and blue, birds singing, the wind softly caressing my skin. The world repeats what my mind or my thoughts have dwelled upon. Look for the correspondences between your thoughts and that which you see. Perhaps you've just gone through an emotional upheaval and notice the storm that has just passed. The connection is to find all things in unity and harmony in mind body and soul.
     The ancients as in over 3000 years ago who practiced the "foretelling of the god within" or alchemy knew well the associations that thought would produce in the various forms they desired to see. What we have today are reflections on this lost art hidden in symbols arcane leading to dead ends. The philosophers of the middle ages attempted to described what they themselves could not entirely grasp. The obscurity of their method gets further away from the truth of what is actually occuring and the true nature of alchemy. The symbols you are used to seeing are blinds and even their meaning is a blind. The associations given are from a combination of greek and hebrew cabala coupled with a chaldean source. The astrological meanings of these planets tell of their nature.      My suggestion to all alchemists is that you do not have to work so hard and that your own body-mind relationship is the true alchemy of the ancients or the "foretelling of the god within"
It is the connection of body mind which allows you to make anything appear in your world that you want to experience. The philosophers stone is the self made appearance of that of which you have been thinking. Example. I wanted to have a great love. I imbued my thoughts with this great love. I dreamt, I prayed, I envisioned and one day this great love appeared and I knew that it had come from the work within. This wonderful being of manifest joy, is the stone, the irrefutable truth of the philosophers. Some would rather work with chemicals and ancient rituals for the there is great fear of taming the mind and knowing the inner being who directs all of our actions. This is why many will go to extreme lengths in order to avoid the discipline of continually changing one's mind to accomplish the directive of the stone or the truth of thought turned into form.
     Acting is the way. Think about what you want to think about. Direct your thoughts as when you were playing make believe when you were a child. Believe you are doing that which you want to do. Experience the excitement that this brings. Go with it inside. Feel happy about having what you want. It can be a material thing. It can be an emotional thing you desire. Fill your self with this in you moments of reflection-meditation. Now once these feeling are a part of you and you are comfortable with them they rise into your highest awareness where lo and behold the thing itself appears. This wondrous being is your stone.


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