Monday, November 08, 2004

Alchemy IV

Beyond the wall of the temple there lay a garden.
It is surrounded by the mist.
The mist is Impenetrable except in one way.

Inside of the garden there are three kinds of flowers.
One is bright red and glows even in mid day.
Another is golden and its fragrance draws one near.
The third has blue sparkling flowers.

There in the center of the garden above a clear pool is an image that flickers near and then far. It is an entrance to the secrets we've been discussing here.
The flowers taken in the right combination produce an elixir that is not digested but is rather inhaled.

This elixir when inhaled gives one the power to enter the vision of the image centered over the waters. It also allows one to penetrate the mist. This is a paradox because you cannot obtain this elixir unless you are inside of the garden which is only entered in one way.

What of the stone? As with all things mystical or magical the best hiding place is always in plain view.

When a man's vision or sight be perfected the stone appears as the third eye crystalline in nature. Many struggle for years and do not see what is directly in front of them accompanying them as it were on every journey.

Be aware that it is deception that must be distilled from your mixture. Then and only then may you enter the garden, the way into which is provided by this clear sight looking through the ancient crystal.

So speaks the unnamed one sometimes called the ancient of days in times when truth was in the open and all dared to speak it clearly.

Herein therefore given in the open is the last step in this process.

It is by accretion that all things that were made are made. This accretion works by intention. Fix the volatile. The volatile is the mind in its movements. It is fixed by repetition, emotion and a far off view which provides for the future casting forth of all that is good. Memory, visualization and emotion these are the keys.

Some of these ancient writings are deliberate attempts to entangle the mind. These are traps which can easily be avoided but beware, some are caught here endlessly pursuing meanings which are dangled tantalizingly close but then no cigar.

Step outside of the image. Use mind to uncover mind. Some will understand. Others will continue blindly seeking thinking that perhaps the light will appear. The trick to all of this is that you light the light with your own fire. No one can do this for you. However one can point the way for ears that are unified with heart and mind.

Have you forgotten the flowers? Red is emotion. The feeling that knows and makes the direction for everything that is to come.
Gold is the scintillating mind in its knowing and joy at its boundless freedom.
Blue are the connecting symbols of light. The sky itself is symboling of limitless connection.

Put them all together and feel what happens within reflect itself throughout.
How did all of this come together? You did this. You made is happen by directly the energy within.

Where is the stone?
It is the result of efforts, the form of your achievement, the condensation of your desire.


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