Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Unity. One. Man is one with God. Mind yes is the imaging making capacity of God. There cannot be any separation here because it is separation which takes us away from the first matter. What is man but the earth of God made out of its clay by the breath of spirit. The breath of the spirit of God or the "Ruach Elohim" in hebrew, is simply the thought that is taking form. Thought in order to know itself became that which it desired to know. It not only did this once but reproduced this kind of order of being so that we would know that this too was a part of the being of thought. Thought is the initial breath of the Creative Force.

Yes there are many answers here to be given, and many ways to approach that which we call alchemy.

Yes spirit can be improved. That improvement is the movement in and out of form. Once this is accomplished everything is possible. All transmutations result from this movement. This movement to use the terminology of the Emerald Tablet is "the mediation of One."

Yes alchemy must be the search for God. We want to be more than we appear to be because we know that this is true. We want to experience that which is beyond ourselves because there are moments when we do this very thing. We want more of these kinds of experiences that open us up to God.

What is mind but an antenna on high to connect with that spirit within. As we raise our thoughts, correspondingly we raise the vibration of our bodies. Now like the atoms of molecules that are moving fast, the spaces appear within. These spaces are where spirit learns to fly through us. We. Our bodies are the vehicle. The very transmutations spoken of take place in the body through the alkahest of our acknowledgement of the connection we always have with our spirit.

My spirit which identifies with this body is never apart from this one thing. My spirit is constantly communing with me in order to get me to open the inner eyes of my awareness. This my or this I is my identification with this body. This I needs to get beyond this body awareness and encompass the universal awareness. This universal awareness connects the spirit within to everything everywhere all at once.

The sun is the father of the 1st matter. Think sun. Think life, Above all think light. What issues forth from the sun that is like the sun? What is in the image of the sun? It is Light. Within there is also the sun. It too produces light. Did you ever have a sudden understanding, a flash of brilliance that made you feel as though your mind were lit up? This is the sun. It is literally the light of creation that we experience within. This light comes in response to the synthesis of thought bringing something new into our world. These ideas then go through their various reflections and transmutations (the moon or mother which brings the cycle of birth to place. The cycle is what is important here. Timing is everything). The wind is the breath that speaks the word. It is also the dew which was spoken of. It is how these thoughts coalesce into the 'earth' which is formed by one the accretion of thought and two the emotion of our intention which follows that thought.

That is the state of my art at present. I only claim that this works and is working for me as we speak.
My thoughts become form. The trick is to recognize the transformations taking place and then make the minor adjustments in order to pursue a satisfactory outcome.


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